Friday, October 15, 2010

I Know What I'll Get Next Year

Source: Gundam Guy, GA Graphic
On a note of pure irony. HGFC Nobel Gundam is coming out next year on January at a nice price of 1500 Yen. It is ironic that this will be released next in the HGFC line since I've stated I wanted it for the sake of the pairing that didn't happened in the series. Once I've gotten this, time for the epic God Gundam to hold the Nobel Gundam in its arms with a sunset* background!
*Use your imagination for this unless I take a photo outdoors in the future review. O.O

Oh yeah, does it looks similar to a certain mobile suit from Gundam 00 as well? >.>


Zeon_Two_Six said...

Won't be getting this too soon though... unless I've got Nadleeh and Strike Rouge though... XD

Marzz said...

I don't really like the designs from the G Gundam series.... So nope for me. ^^

Evaritus Lau said...

Nobel ~~ I Like ~~

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

had to say she's sexy ^^ i wanna see master~~

Tsukinari said...

haha.. I might get her too.. along with God Gundam? nyehehehe

u mean ..... GN Archer?

Chris said...

Wait... G Gundam and Nobel... sunset? I think someone somewhere is seeing red.

CD said...

@Zeon: Go get! XD

@Marzz: I guess not everyone liked the "different-ness" of G Gundam. I like it because it was so... epicly different and awesome to me. ^^

@sbhboi: *hi-5*

@ZD: At this rate, it will definitely come out real soon then we can have the epic clash of student and master! :D

@Tsuki: Hehe, shippings (that never happened in the end)!

GN Archer does look like it in a way but Nadleeh comes closer IMO.

@Chris: "The east is burning red!"

Anonymous said...

Rndm, you're NOT the only one eying her... =D

SoujiShinogane said...

u sure u want to get Nobel?
I think I'm plan to get Extreme Gundam next year...:)

Jacques said...

Nobel is a get for me, but I won't plunge in head-on. I'll wait awhile before getting it, because I'm also eyeing on the Ingram Zero and Ingram Unit-2. I bet it won't be long before the announcement of Unit-3 is made as well.

The release of Nobel does make me wonder if I should sell off my MG God Gundam and get the HG version instead so that they can complement each other nicely.

hiroy_raind said...

The Nobel Gundam will surely brings out different scenarios and plays other Gunpla can't offer! XD

chubbybots said...

Lets just hope Master Gundam gets the HGFC treatment soon along with Devil Gundam!!!

I won't say Nobel gundam is a must get for me, if i have the spare cash probably get her to sit on domon's arms...

CD said...

@bd: *hi-5s*

@Souji: As sure as the sun rises from the EAST~! XD
Extreme looks interesting but I'm not considering it at the moment.

@Jac: I see, lots of nice stuff coming out besides Gundams too. Luckily I'm not interested in those right now. >.>

Nah, don't sell it off. Just keep the MG unless you really don't want it any more that is.

@hiroy: True dat! :D

@chubbs: Most would like Master and I do too! With the soon to be released Nobel, I can see Master coming sometime next year as well.

At 1500 Yen, I don't think you would have much problems there unless your *ahem* drops your budget a lot. ^^;

Siroh32 said...

I'd certainly get the Sailor V Gundam as soon as I could. At least it'll be cheaper than the GFF version (which I'd also like to get), and it would be easier to customize (plus no pain for messing up an expensive figure, potentially).

I have my doubts, but I hope it's around on-par with the GFF figure in terms of articulation, at least. If not, oh, well. *shrug*


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