Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dying Links

Hm, I notice some of the GIF images in the template I'm using right now is dying out and 404-ing. Thus, I think it is time again for me to update my template though I won't have time for anything extensive for a good while yet. Because of that, I'm just doing some half-arsed edits so that you won't suddenly see white and blue around the blog (Tinypic's 404 image).
ETA for any good template editing/creating would be around December after my finals. ^^;
(If you guys saw any good - easy to edit and fitting with my color scheme - templates can suggest me one.)

Oh yeah, thanks to Chris follow up comments on my recent Beyblade reviews, I bought two more yesterday. Chris, I think you can easily guess which I bought. XD Will post up the review this weekend after my midterms today and tomorrow are over with.


Chris said...

Cool! I will look forward to the review. ^^

chubbybots said...

Woot more beyblade action!!


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