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GG Capricorne & GG DBull (Dark Bull) Beyblade Review

I wanted to do this last weekend but my internet connection failed badly. Right now, I'm at school posting this up. Don't fret, I'm pretty free for the time being. ^^

RM9.90 for GG Capricorne
RM12.90 for GG DBull

Capricorne is cheaper since it doesn't come with a launcher grip. Don't fret, the newer launchers from the Metal Fight/Fusion Beyblade series is considerably large so it isn't hard to hold at all unlike the original series which were quite small.
As a comparison, an original Beyblade with a similar set to Capricorne here costs RM39.90 in a normal toy shop. I seriously wished originals are cheaper to obtain since that price is simply killer. =_=

I don't really know that much about the Beyblades stats itself but from this site, I learned a bit. You can read more information about the DBull here. You can also read the comments in the previous Beyblade review by Chris for more information.

Section A: GG Capricorne Part 1: Box
Capricorne's box is pretty small.

Part 2: Box Open!
Even for fakes, the parts are of the higher quality of China's copies. Too bad there is no instructions and stickers are just crap although they can stick.

Part 3: Parts
Face, clear wheel, metal wheel, M145 track, Quake bottom. Thanks to Chris, I've understood that a bit. Wait, I notice something is off...

Two bottoms. The purple one is the real bottom while the silver plated one is the same as LLDrago's. Of course, I'm going to use the "cut-off" Quake bottom. Due to the weird shape of the bottom, the Beyblade is known for its jump-ability as well as quick movements. Thanks to Chris for finding the video.

I was actually quite surprised with this one. Nicely put together for a bootleg, screwed in properly some more. As seen in the photos above, you can shift the track to shift the balance of the Beyblade. Play around with this until you can find the right config to use the most of Capricorne. I don't think I did well using it though (see videos lower down later).

The clear wheel is not only color inaccurate (I can forgive that), it isn't the right one neither! After I tried to apply the stickers, failed, I quickly notice it was all wrong. I don't know whether this affects the whole balance of the Beyblade though.

It oddly looks nice in yellow but now it can never go 3x the speed...

Section B: DBull/Dark Bull Part 1: Box
The same size as the boxes of the "full sets" shown in the previous review.

Part 2: Box Open!

Part 3: Launcher Setup
More slimmer than the full set launcher. I feel that this is easier to hold due to that fact. ^^;

Surprised at how they packed the parts with such a good plastic bag. The only bootleg Beyblade to have such a treatment so far. O.O
BTW, the red is totally beautiful, especially on the clear wheel.

A fully red Beyblade which looks totally beautiful, I like to admit. Ironically it is the butt of many jokes in the series. XP
Face, clear wheel, metal wheel, H145 track and SD (semi-defense) bottom.
Just like Capricorne, it comes with a spare LLDrago bottom as well. Too bad it wasn't a metallic version of its SD base though.

Did I mention how beautiful it is?

Section 3: Videos

Capricorn VS DBull
When you see the Capricorne move around more randomly and faster than before, I actually shot it on a slanting angle opposed to a straight down angle as per usual.
From my experience, Capricorne wears out incredibly fast due to its random movements. This remind me of my past favorite, the Drigger F. It technically won't last long but if you manage to knock the opponent around enough, you might win by kicking them outside the stadium. Probably the only way to win with this.

Capricorne VS RLeone

Capricorne VS LL-Drago
No matter who I pitted it up against, Capricorne loses. Must be I'm not using it right.

DBull VS RLeone
The results are obvious? XD

Bonus! LL-Drago VS RLeone
Rock Leone is beast and bested all the other Beyblades no sweat.

Section 4: Now
"Count za medals!"

Section E: Conclusion
  • Quick
  • Light
  • Wrong clear wheel
  • Doesn't last long in battle
  • Good defense
  • Beautiful red color
  • None
Overall, these bootleg Beyblades are pretty good. Capricorne is not so bad but don't fight any defensive Beyblades unless you got a hang of its Quake bottom as well as its shift-able track. DBull doesn't show much action but it is a good defensive Beyblade, just that RLeone shows who's boss even in real life. XD

I don't recommend Capricorne for normal users but if you wanna try it out, get one and have fun! Might work better is you use the newer stadiums or something round and not oval like me though. ^^;

That's all for now. Till' the next post!


Chris said...

You might have noticed by now the extra bottoms given are always similar. Yeah, so they are not actually a duplicate of that Beyblade's bottom, but just an extra sharp bottom.

LLDrago doesn't seem to move around much as an attack blade from your videos. Oh, and maybe my Dark Bull's track broke because my stadium is a bit bigger, with higher slope, so my RLeone attack it from below.

RLeone is a solid blade, I agree. Rock Giraffe is almost similar except that its track has a extra defensive part making it sightly heavier. I could have gone for it if I know about it earlier.

RLeone is yur best huh? It's my second best. Proves how strong it is. ^^

On a different note, do you want SIC Blade (not Kiwami)? I want to sell it for RM100.

CD said...

For RLeone, they gave the same bottom, oddly enough.

The LL-Drago doesn't move much thanks to the limit of the string launcher. I can't seem to pull it as hard as the ripcord launcher. Not sure if the original can do better though. ^^;

SIC Blade, hm? Why are you selling it BTW?

Chris said...

Oh, your RLeone's bottom... I didn't notice that. ^^;

I see... string launcher has its advantages and disadvantages.

My SIC Blade? Well... I was hoping to get some Figmas and I'm short on cash. Besides, I got bored of it, haha. I have to state beforehand that SIC Blade uses old SIC ball joints for its wrist, so it's quite loose, so's the armor. So not much action poses. It just do well standing there. If you want, drop me an email. ^^

CD said...

Hm, is that so. I don't think I want it since I like to pose it quite a lot before storing. Sorry. ^^;

Good luck in finding someone to buy it. Did you try the Lowyat forums BTW?

Chris said...

I haven't but since it's a 2nd hand, it's easier for somebody who knows me want it. The box isn't in the best condition either. ^^;


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