Sunday, October 31, 2010


*is preoccupied*
Oh wait, I had a blog? I haven't updated recently?
Oh... ****.

Seriously, I didn't forget about my blog but there has been a lack of Gunpla for a while. That might change soon since Momotoys will re-open tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be able to go there and get some HGs. I don't think I can get all of them but I'll definitely get a certain two. There is also a non-Gundam model kit I might get since that show really got to me. Shippu Kirifuda!
Seravee: JIIII~!
Me: >_>; *pushes back*

At any rate...

PSP-3006 Lilac Purple 5.03 Gen-C
I couldn't get a pink one, as most would predict me to do, but I got the other color I liked - purple. This is the 300X series so it isn't fully modded. Can't wait for November though since there is a new mod coming out which will make this PSP easier to, ahem, "play games".

When I suddenly wanted to buy this PSP not too long ago, I didn't know the PSP market demand was on the rise in Kuching, or maybe even the whole of Malaysia. Most likely due to some of the recent game releases this year which undoubtedly made the value of the PSP as a gaming system go up. The main reason why I bought it was because of Kingdom Hearts BBS, P3P and Dissidia. A few other games are are recently added to the list such as the Phantasy Star and Monster Hunter series. Few of the good games which are great to play. MGS Peace Walker also gets a mention from me. I only got into the MGS series earlier this year so I haven't really played the whole series yet. Need some time there since the game is pretty long due to the long narratives.

Anyways, I actually wasn't able to buy this PSP with my current allowance savings but I was lucky to get it with some support from my parents in the end. Very thankful to them. =)

Okay, onwards to the game world! Boku no PFP~!!!

PS: Thanks to all who commented on the previous post. I bought this PSP at Hopoh in the end. Although I planned to get a 2nd hand/recon unit, the price was too close to a brand new PSP-300X unit which is slightly superior and of course, new!


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...


Chris said...

Congrats! PSP games... how about Gundam vs Gundam Plus? There's a few anime games too though I'm not too sure.

CD said...

@ZD: Thanks.

@Chris: Gonna play the Gundam games for sure but right now gonna play through P3P first...
I already have most of the Gundam games in hand also. XD

As for anime games, I think they are quite a number of them. Well, still hoping that .hack//Link will get an English translation soon since it seems fun.

Marzz said...

Woo! Congrats bro! Now you can play P3P, KH BBS, GVG: Next Plus! Lol, those are the only good games I have played on PSP so far.... Can't find any good games...

CD said...

@Marzz: Thanks.

What about Phantasy Star and Monster Hunter? Those games are rather nice to play IMHO.

Evaritus Lau said...

Don't worry about not fully modded yet, 5.03 chickhen gen-c can be "change" to Prometheus 5.03 to play latest game also.

God Eater Burst & GoW: Ghost of Sparta !!

Dissidia universal Tuning, Lord of Arcana....etc.

I must say, the purple looks nice ! Totally different mood with my Carnival Red. =)

CD said...

@sbhboi: 5.03 Gen-C is alright for the time being. Works well enough for me. ^^

Hm, so gonna have to play those God Eater titles since I haven't yet since everyone seems to like them a lot. XD Then again, my to play list is sure long. :X

Hehe, that's why I chose it. Red was also available but purple looks nicer in my eyes as well as being one of my top three favorite color.


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