Monday, October 25, 2010

Sword Spark

Woah, my new phone camera can really take decent shots! Anyways, doodled this in class just now based on something I've sketched before. Spark doesn't run on TDS, so there isn't as much hax as 00 Raiser nor 00 Qan[T] here. Just pure melee combat capabilities added on. Those who have seen it before would notice some differences as well as returning equipment.

1x GN Buster Sword/Rifle*
6x GN Dagger Bit**
2x GN Beam Saber
1x GN Claw Bit***
*Similar to Arche's sword. It has a "hidden" rifle in the middle. There is a small rapid fire barrel near the handle as well.
**Similar to the smaller GN Sword Bit. Can encircle the GN Buster Sword to charge its main rifle for a stronger shot. This gimmick is also used on the Storm.
***Based on Sword Strike and Deathscythe EW. It has a wire attachment. The beam shield is still use-able, although needs to be "relayed" through the claws mechanism.


Marzz said...

Kinda looks HAX at any rate, XD


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