Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alternatives & Releases Discussion

Although the end of a great blog is a sad thing to happen, we must continue to move on. Those who haven't found a blog similar to Ngee Khiong may like this one - guNjap.

From said blog, let's see what's interesting is coming out (sources are from said blog). :D

HGAW 1/144 Gundam X Divider
No matter how you look at it, it simply looks badass. Even though it loses the BFG, it is pretty intimidating with its "new" armaments. And who doesn't like dual beam swords?
Release on December @ 1800 Yen.

Master Keita's Custom, Err, Balls
Master Keita has done it again! It would be funny if Amuro and Char actually fought in these in the series. Wait, what if every MS were practically Balls? :O
Will Char's have a hidden leg for kicking purposes? XD

Mega Sized 1/48 Char's Zaku II
Mega Size 1/48 Char's Zaku II! Just like with the soon to be released RG 1/144 Char's Zaku II, we'll be getting this giant as well. For those who have the Mega Sized 1/48 RX78-2 Gundam would want to get this. Imagine them filling out your whole shelf space battling it out. XD
Well, if you got the RG 1/144 RX78-2 Gundam instead and if you bought this, we will have some small guy VS big guy going on (if you get what I mean). XP
December release @ 7800 Yen.

Kotobukiya 1/10 Blues
Argh! Blues! I think some of you would know, if you read my profile, that I'm a huge Rockman/MegaMan fan, and this release is just so... :D
Rockman, Roll and Blues. Wonder if I'll get them considering Koto's past? Wait, wonder if anyone in my blogroll will get one of them? If you do, tell me how's Rockman build feels. ^^
January release @ 3000 Yen.

BB 00 Qan[T]
Oooh, it definitely looks better than the prototype, way better! The color separation looks pretty decent and it indeed looks cute and somehow cool at the same time! Looking at how it is, I probably get this one as well when it comes out. (Will I end up with 3 00 Qan[T]s by the end of the year?)
December release @ 800 Yen.

Okay, that's all for now. Any releases you guys are anticipating?


Anonymous said...

The X Divider's backpack is a lot more functional than the original NG ver and it has two beam swords AND a bazooka~!

Protip: Don't give any bazooka to Haruhi

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

currently drooling over Kei's ZZ XDoh yes SD OOQ looks somehow great, maybe will work on it next year (maybe gonna ask from you for extra OO elbows XD)

seems koto is pretty confident with megaman lineups, i want to see the Starforce lineups as well XD

Z said...

Hahaha... "BLUES SANJOU!" XD

ASM built a rockman but not reviewed yet so you can wait for his :)

The dude still has some ways to go before release so guess we can wait ^^

Tsukinari said...


I am a Megaman/Rockman fan too.. but im more into Rockman X Series and Rockman Zero series ^^

but.. if they also planned to release Forte (Bass), I might buy it :P

I saw D-Arts Rockman X ... definitely going to get him... then D-Arts Zero XD

CD said...

@bd: Lesson learned. XP

@ZD: BB 00 Qan[T] Ver. ZD? Hehe, wonder what you're gonna do to it besides the usual mods. ^^

Yeah, hopefully Koto will make the other Rockman/MegaMan series as well since I like the alternate series a bit more than the original.

@Z: Is that so, gotta see that when it comes around then. :D
Haha, Koto Rockman hasn't come to the local shop yet (since it is in the process of moving) so I can wait.

@Tsuki: X and Zero are a must. They are two of the most popular characters amongst the whole franchise IMHO. After Forte got his spotlight in RM/MM10, he should! That crazy maniac deserves a plamo version.

I saw the D-Arts X too. Wonder if it will come with the Mettool? I want that too! XD

Chris said...

I prefer Rockman X and Battle Network series, so I'm not particuarly interested in the current Kotobukiya lineups. The D-arts, on the other hand, looks promising. But if D-arts Digimon were to come out in the same month, I'll most probably aim for Digimon first, Rockman 2nd.

chubbybots said...

Not much anticipation from my side, currently spoiled for choice with all those 1/144 kits being released from Gundam 00 movie and Unicorn!!

But I am happy they released X divider!!

Marzz said...

I am waiting for the D-arts version of Rockman X! I prefer X's design over the original rockman.... But.... When will it be released....

divinelight said...

I think Double X is good.
but I can't buy anymore this year, giving space for MG Qant.

wonder if there will be release for something more poisonous.

for BB, nope, not really want

madmoz said...

ASM posted his Megaman review a few days ago. Looks good.

gunpla said...

looking forward to the gundam x divider i think those who buy the HG gundam X will be mad

CD said...

Sorry for the late reply guys! XP

@Chris: True enough, I prefer the X series over the original but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the charm especially with Blues. If Forte gets released by Koto, well, the crazy one first. XP

D-Arts indeed look promising. Wonder how it'll be like.

@chubbs: Lots of HGs are coming out and it is getting harder to pick which I really want to buy since the ones getting released are the ones I WANT to buy. Then again, I already knew this 2nd half of the year can be pretty "damaging" to the poor wallet. ^^;

@Marzz: I wish to know too.

@divine: I understand the "pain" too. The limits of my wallet is quite... obvious right now. D:
Well, gonna have to filter through the releases and get what I can and really, really want since I can't get em' all. Not a bad thing too since my storage space is quite packed already.

@madmoz: Thanks for the heads up!

@gunpla: Me too. Nah, not angry. Now I can have both versions of the GX! Then again, it was rather obvious ever since the GX's runners were shown.

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