Sunday, February 20, 2011

Before the End of the Semester Break

I had, well need, to do a few stuff before the next semester begins again which delayed the next part of the Nobel Gundam review. Sorry about that. I wanted to do the post this week but I got preoccupied with the other things I wanted to do. ^^; (Hope I can do it next week since I'm yet to be busy for the first few weeks of class. Class will begin next week.)

Anyways, what have I been doing?
Some bits of relaxing and especially gaming. I recently "got" Marvel VS Capcom 3 on the Xbox 360 and will later on get a real copy on the PS3 in order to play online. Played it a bit and spent a good part of the day playing. Used Zero as my main for the "quick" playthrough to get a quick feel of the game. XD
Anyone else playing this or plan to play? :3

Other than that, I continued playing Tales of Vesperia, just to get stuck on Secret Mission 17. I actually stopped close to that and now I'm in my head with the hardest, most annoying actually, secret mission in the game. I'll get back to this when I feel like it since I got the boss "memorized" (who is actually easy to beat unless you want to get the secret mission).

This is the oldest PC in the house that is still in used. The third computer to be ever bought in the house and it runs a second generation AMD Sempron. The monitor and mouse are quite new though while the keyboard and speakers are almost 10 years old. Monitor is 20" FYI.

Then, after discovering RemoteJoyLite, though late of me, I played with my PSP some more after quite the neglect (due to staying at home most of the holiday and if you're staying home, better play with the home consoles, yep). Using just a compatible USB cable (easily obtained), you can output your PSP screen to a larger monitor through your computer. The only bad thing is that, the larger your screen, the more pixelated it will be. Not a big problem for me even though it can be quite visible at times.

Note: Go to Youtube and find a good visual instruction on this. The video details should have links to the required files.

Oh yes, you do need to be running a custom firmware to run the plugin. A vanilla PSP can't do this unfortunately.

A few good things come with this setup;
  • You get a larger screen.
  • You can have a more comfortable grip using almost any PC usable controller.*
  • You can output your PSP to PC speakers to allow better sound and range.
  • You can record gameplay videos with it.**
  • Battery barely, doesn't seem to, decrease if you leave USB charging on.***
*You can use a PS3 controller by getting the PC drivers for them.
**To record sound, you need to do something which I'm not so sure what. Search up through Google about that one.
***May cause the battery to degrade faster since it will be constantly charging. Not so sure on this though.

So, if you're at home and want to use a bigger screen, forget the composite/component cable for the PSP and just use RemoteJoyLite instead. Saves money and you can use the whole screen. If your PC is connected to a LCD TV or a projector, even better.

Okay, enough with the "advertisement". I'm currently finishing up Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep right now on it. Only Aqua's story and some of the Xehanort Reports left to go... I have to say rushing in doesn't work so well in this game, which makes the game less of a simple button smasher which KH2 felt like. After completing Ventus and Terra's story so far, it... *SPOILERS* T_T

That's it for this filler post. If you have a hacked PSP, try it out and enjoy a larger screen at home without needing to buy any special cables at all.


Marzz said...

Have you played the Final Mix version yet?
I got bored of it because I played the original BBS like 3 - 4 times.

Tom said...

I like the gundam 00 theme for your psp. XD

Cass said...

@Marzz: I don't plan on playing it. Just gonna see the extra stuff via videos posted on the internet later. XP
Then again, maybe I'll try it out after I finish this one. As much as I like Kingdom Hearts, I don't really feel like playing the "same" game so many times. ^^;

@Tom: Just a wallpaper actually. :)

Siroh32 said...

When I first got my PSP, I modified an image of the GvGNP promo image of the Altron Gundam to make it PSP wallpaper (and made a couple more wallpapers for it). When I discovered I can just have images stored, zoom in/out or move around when viewing them, and make them wallpapers after, I gave up on making more. My current one is of the Gundam in Odaiba back in 2009.

I remember RemoteJoyLite. I almost bothered with it last year, but managed to get myself the specific A/V cable for it in order to watch what I'm playing (usually Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS) on the TV. If I want to record from my PSP, I'd just get a blank DVD, record, and find some program that can transfer the footage into a video file. I haven't got around to learning how to do that, but I've been interested.

If I ever go for RJL, I wouldn't complain how pixelated my PSP can be the greater the resolution is; one of the games for my Wii is Super Mario World, and I don't notice how few pixels many of the sprites in that game are made of nowadays.

Cass said...

@Siroh: I didn't like how the PSP output the screen to the TV via composite/component as it couldn't use the entire screen as intended. Unless you found a better setup? Other than that, the cable, as it comes from the underside, required me to be fairly close to the TV set. ^^;

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