Monday, February 21, 2011

Responsibilities Upgrade


I became the president of...

Looks like I'll definitely be busier this year. So... less blog content or maybe even more stuff to share other than Gunpla? We'll see.

Until the next post~


Chris said...

Woot! That'a BIG news! Congrats man!

Now what is the president planning for this year's anime event? XD

Shirogane Len said...

Congrats dude!I salute u,sir!!

white angel said...

Congratulations!!! =) dont forget to open up any gundam booth when you have any activity and do promote it to us vide facebook

Tom said...

So, is it a club in your school?

Cass said...

Thanks all!

@Chris: See first. :X

@Tom: Yep, university club.


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