Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nobel February

Nobell Gundam GET-OH! Plus another bootleg.
I can see a bad PS edit on Arios's "wing" there. XD

Before the 14th hits, I'm hoping I can do an omake with the Nobell Gundam involving God Gundam. For now, here's a quickie.

Domon runs off for some reason. What could it be? Lucky for him Allenby is still in the box.

Until the next post which should involve a Swedish Japanese-school-girl-esque Gundam.

Oh yes, another thing I like to put up.
China Gundam (Guantam?) is oddly/weirdly AWESOME!

All images are from Sankaku Complex (NSFW).
Well, it doesn't really look that great once they did the "change" due to copyright issues.
But the mockups done by some "fans" are truly awesome making me sort of want a series or even a model kit for this. o.o

Watch a 3D rendered video on guNjap. I wanted to post it here but I couldn't get th URL. ^^;

The obvious troll from China has created an opposite effect of interest here. Do you want a series or even a line of model kits/figures for it? Wonder Festival 2011 sort-of hints a possible figure release even. O.o


Zeon_Two_Six said...

Woah! A Nobel already? And good call on Arios too... ^^

Anonymous said...

Coo... you got her already. =D

Looks like Domon is in heaps of trouble. XD

Since its a bootleg, yeah...

Z said...

Guantam: This is no Gundam, boy. No Gundam!

I see many lulz can be has with this the nobell. Looking foward to it, man ^^.

Meowson said...

The best is yet to come.


Tom said...

Guantam is like a mix of a Gundam, a Zaku, a Gouf, and other mecha series, all roll in one orange package. I'll be not surprise if someone did a mod of this. XD


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