Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! (2011 Edition)

Due to lack of time to allocate to the blog for a bit, I'm wishing you all a simple Happy Chinese New Year as we soon will officially enter the year of the rabbit.

I know I still have quite a bit of stuff un-reviewed and still mint in the box thus so but I'll be gaming on with a few RPGs which some of you know what they are. I'll be doing a few RPG runs before the end of my break so I might not squish in a review unless the mood bug bites in. Other than that I'll be going around visiting some houses this week so there goes some time as well. ^^;
And Plants VS Zombies on the NDS is hell'a fun even though I'm playing this for a 2nd time. I just don't know how those Pop Cap people do it but their games are captivating, no matter how "simple" them seem.

I'm feeling that the next review will be on a certain winged figure with a possible angst attacker for an omake. Then a sudden nendorific entrance...

Oh, did you guys know that the UDON Mega Man Tribute has extended the deadline to 4th February? If you have the time or thought you didn't have enough to finish before, take this chance! I've ended my turn with my entry already.

That's it, enjoy the holiday and until the next post.


Tom said...

Happy Chinese New Years to you too!

mangyver5223 said...

happy CNY for this Rabbit's year :)


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