Friday, February 25, 2011

S.I.C. Kiwami Kamen Rider Blade Review

Price: 1200 Yen

Sadly, it isn't the next part of the Nobell Gundam review, not yet. I did this in-between the ongoing photo-shoot of said Gunpla review. Since I already did a photo-shoot on it, here is the review on the SIC Kiwami Kamen Rider Blade I bought at Sabah last year.

About the Rider
Kazuma Kenzaki henshins into Kamen Rider Blade in order to fight the Undead, the enemy of the series, under BOARD. Blade is one of the four main riders which the others are Garren, Leangle and Chalice. More here.

Note: The photos might be a little brighter than usual since I just changed my ceiling lights. Tell me if they are too bright if you think they are and I'll adjust accordingly for the coming reviews.

Part 1: Box
The usual SIC Kiwami box.

Part 2: Box Open!
As usual, it is held in with wires for the main body and sellotape for the other stuff.

The usual one page manual. If you have figures before, this isn't any different.

Part 3: Overview
A view of the hands, sword and deck. The Kiwami series is quite minimal in parts most of the time but that's what you get at this very affordable price point which is already very good.

FYI, the underside of the open deck of cards is completely silver.

Part 4: Comparison
Yes, SIC Kiwamis are quite short. Comparison to SIC Kiwami Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form, HG 00 Gundam and HG Nobell Gundam.

Part 5: Close-Ups
I was VERY impressed with the attention to detail for this figure. The paint job is clean and detailed for such a small figure! It is quite a marvel to have in your hands in person. I have to admit it was done better than my Den-O, the paint application that is.
There's one thing that may "off" some of you guys to this figure and that is Blade's greater "evil" look going here. He does look more menacing than ever before in the SIC redesign. Somehow, I like it even though Kazuma is quite the nice guy. XP

Part 6: Articulation & Gimmicks
not all that great in terms of articulation though. Okay-okay only.

The hips are limited by the design of the hip armors, preventing them to spread further. The shoulder armor is also connected via a ball joint so it cannot flip up and down like I thought it would like most figure I have before. Because of that, the arm articulation around the shoulders aren't that great.

Not so much up and down but the neck can go all the way around.

Waist has good articulation I say.

A few turning points for the arms, including the elbow joint which I soon found out was a ball joint as well. O.o

After so many delays in posting, i forgot what this shot was for. >_>

The sword is best held in the right hand instead of the left hand since the left hand holds it using the thumb only. Unlike Den-O Sword Form's sword, both sides are, luckily, painted.

You can switch the decks, between closed and opened. If you keep doing it, however, it can get pretty loose.

...if only I can do that completely black background/backdrop...

Part 7: Round Zero!
The hips kinda limit the dynamics of these punching shots though. >.>

(I should have put something to be slashed after these photos. OTL)

*insert Undead explosion here*

*insert another kick here*

Part 8: Conclusion
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Affordable price @ 1200 Yen.
  • Menacing redesign?
  • Rather limited articulation.
  • Menacing redesign?
Overall, this figure is good and only limited in articulation due to design. It is also quite sturdy and doesn't have any parts, on the main body, that can easily fall off.

I should have taken more photos of it with full action shots of kicking some arse but maybe I'll leave that for an omake if I got the time since a story scene might make it look nicer to view. ^^

Until the next post which I really hope to myself will be about Nobell because I keep on delaying it. @_@


Anonymous said...

I saw and payed this guy before, at Tsuki's place. =D

Small yes, but the detailing is nice, clean and crisp.

mangyver5223 said...

very mean design made it look great! and great affordable price to me too.

Marzz said...

I have ordered this guy as well from a local seller, should be arriving soon....
Although I would like to get my hands on that Blade King Form as well.
I saw it the other day at a shop and they were selling it for SGD 20! A far cry from the one I saw when it was SGD 30+
Maybe I will wait....

Anonymous said...

Blade look more epic in SIC but look very weird and goody person if the kiwami could take out the clear part from the horn.


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