Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Argument: PS3 VS Xbox 360

I wrote a personal opinion about these two consoles earlier this month. I admit I'm not completely knowledgeable about them so some of my points are not exactly right and/or tells the whole story. Nonetheless, I'd like to see what you guys think and know what you guys know about these two.
Right now, the Xbox 360 is gaining a better light compared to the PS3 even though my initial thoughts were otherwise.

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Gun the ammoless said...

Playstation Fanboy all the way

CD said...

What does that supposed to mean? O.o

MaftyNavue said...

hmm, actually both of the console are good.
But more like your preference of gaming. Spec-wise it's almost the same.

PS3 is more like Japanese Style games, while
Xbox is more like Western Style Games.

For me 3 years ago, Xbox having more points because of certain Japanese RPG (Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean 4, but fortunately I didn't choose this console)
For me now, PS3 having more points than Xbox because there are lot of Japanese RPG there (also in Japanese Voice too, which is a plus for me), All of Three Tales games, Star Ocean 4, FF XIII-Versus, Atelier series, etc-etc

CD said...

@Mafty: Unfortunately this isn't a kind comparison where everyone runs back happy. ^^;
(Otherwise I pretty much like the consoles for their own capabilities. I look to what games they actually have than anything else.)


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