Sunday, May 29, 2011

Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam Preview

See it at my Facebook album.
Not really a preview when these are all the shots I'll be using to make the extremely late review of the figure once I have enough time to sit down to type it up proper. In a way, the review can't really do much in terms of a purchase consideration as it has been discontinued. There's always a chance for it to be re-released sometime in the future or some hobby shop luckily have it in stock.

PS: I'll be off for Gawai next week. Those who are celebrating Gawai too, Selamat Ari Gawai!

For those curious, just read a bit ahead for an early pro and cons write down.

  • Strike Freedom looks great in this version.
  • Metallic paint for some parts of the body.
  • Great articulation.
  • Abundance of gimmicks/movable parts.*
  • Not all parts are gold plated, most are in puke gold (for those gold parts).
  • Extremely back-heavy. Most of the weight is the wings themselves. You will definitely need a stand ready for it.
  • Nubs are dead obvious when you see them (hidden mostly in the rear sections).
  • Abundance of movable parts leads to many parts easily falling apart when posing it such as the beam saber hilts and side-skirts railgun (when expanding). The wings are pretty much fine oddly enough.
To be elaborated when I'm back from my trip balik kampung later next week.


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