Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mc Model HG 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom Manual Scans

Since I'm resting for a bit, I decided to scan the manual of the recent release from a China company - Mc Model, the Hi-Nu Gundoom. I just got it earlier this week but won't have time to build it until next month. At any rate, here are the scans.

You totally must read this one! Unlike other bootlegs, if you'd like to call this one which it technically isn't, the English text is very interesting to read especially the Soul Cleaver System. Didn't know Amuro can do that...

Until the actual review~
(RD SF will come first of course.)


Anonymous said...

Yes, the design is new, but it's still 'technically' bootleg since it used the name Gundoom to try "avoiding" copyright issues. ^^;
If they really want to be acknowledged for their designs which are really good, then they'll have no shame in registering their brand officially.

CD said...

Very rare to see a China based company to register an actual copyright though but you do have a good point there.
I'm not too sure if they are official or not and going with the naming "Gundoom" esentially means they aren't. Then again, I don't see them going official for the time being nor anytime soon... :P

Gundam Gunso said...

Congrats! U got urself a great kit!

Anonymous said...

Well, there are also the limited version come with an extra shiny saber and fabulous wing of light. Did you able to get that ? Overall, i think this is an excellent deal. Much better details only at half the price of Bandai MG

CD said...

Yep, I got the limited edition as the local store brought that in (although we have to make a light booking to have a slot).
Kinda feel like I should grab another set if only I can actually spare the budget at this point of time that is. Otherwise, one set of sabers is okay enough as is.

Note: You'll need to have two limited sets to dual wield as per the Soul Cleaver System shown in the manual. XD

kay said...

hard to find this now..hmmmm


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