Sunday, May 29, 2011

Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam Review

Price: 3500 Yen
More info on the X-20A Strike Freedom Gundam @ MAHQ.

This is a horribly belated review. I blame my sudden urge of gaming busier real life. Nonetheless, I don’t want to skip this out just because of timing problems. It may not bring upon a plausible purchase consideration as the product has been discontinued (but there might be some local shops having this in stock or there might be a reissue in the future though). This will be a rather long review (not as long as another RD figure though, since posing this guys was rather troublesome) but I’m typing this with some time constraintsLink so I won’t be editing the omake just yet.

Read more!

PS: Trip got delayed to tomorrow so I was able to type this out today.


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