Thursday, June 30, 2011

Filler: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal Generation Force Booster Pack (Japanese)

To be perfectly honest, this was a random get since a friend of mine happen to have thechance of getting some booster packs while he was at a Yu-Gi-Oh! competition over at Miri (IRC) a few months back. Just got it from him just now and kept it nicely after seeing the contents. Nothing much so I'm happy with the standard set of cards I got. :3 (Not gonna suddenly start collecting the cards anytime soon due to current budget plans BTW.)

Had to borrow one beam part from the HGUC, yes, HGUC beams are FULLY COMPATIBLE!
If you're wondering why this sudden random post, it is because I can't finish the photo-shoot of the Gundoom just yet (waited for the sun to be up and around for the WoL shots, for best effect). A lot of shots I wanna take still haven't been taken (being particular about it). I might even add some more minor decals after the review (as some parts feel a little bare after taking the shots but I don't want to re-shoot them so as said, after review).

Until the next post. Phew, lots of stuff need to be done. Haven't even touched the RG Aile Strike even. ^^;


Gundam Gunso said...

Oooo... Blue beam sabers... NIce....!

Tom said...

Yes, Yu-Gi-Oh! can be a very expensive hobby. I'd argue it's a bit more expensive then Gunpla!


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