Friday, January 8, 2010

TT Hongli PG 1/60 Wing Zero Custom Review - Part 3

The review many people has anticipated (I think) is now about to conclude! I wasn't able to pose it much due to the weight and size, but I did try my best to capture most of the do-able poses and points of articulation. ^^

Part 1: Box, Runners, Materials & Manual Scans
Part 2: Work in Progress (WIP) Compilation
Part 3: Overall Review

Notes: No action bases were harmed during the course of the review.

Without further delays, read on~

Part 1: Height Comparisons

After putting em' together like this, it makes my 1/100s feel small of of a sudden... Should I try to get that 1/48 scale RX78-2 after this? XD

The most ironic thing about this shot here is how close they are in price with the MG Exia IM being the most expensive. o.O

I also felt that the PG Wing is MUCH more stable than the NG Exia, even with the wings on. That's saying a lot for the Exia's sense of balance. XP

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right & Close-Ups

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmicks
The wings at the back are quite saggy so I decided to use the "small bits of plastic" trick. However, I had to insert, like, 3 pieces into each hole. I think using the superglue trick will work better than what I did.

Rear wing articulation. The beam saber hilts are also kept here (in the gray connector area).

Cockpit open!

Shoulder articulation. Please try not to pull out the arms too far as the piston inside seems to like to "pull out". @_@

The rear skirt can be moved up by a whole 90 degrees while the legs can bend a total 180. Arms are decent. Hands a the wrist section are almost identical in articulation to a real wrist.
If you find the legs are loose, you can easily tighten the screws. If it is loose by the knee, you'll need to open just a few armor parts and you can tweak the screws already.

The legs can split pretty far for a ball joint. o.o

It can sway a lot by the waist. ^^

Kneeling pose based on the manual. I tried my best to replicate the official shot. XP

Wing defense on! I guess this is where 00's Twin Drive use of defending idea came from. Note how the gray connector part is configured.

Part 4: Action!
Arms installation complete! (?)

Twin Buster Rifle! A bit hard to hold in one hand though. ^^;

No matter how hard it is, I must have me some beam saber/melee action on my Gundams. X3

Part X: Wings... OPEN!
The most important think you need to consider when posing the Wing is... balance! No matter what, you need to shift the weight of the wings carefully if you want to pose it with its wings on. =)

Part 5: Conclusion
  • Darn close to the original. Credits to chev_chelios (Lowyat forums) for the pic (his friends').
  • Damn cheap. Since its a bootleg, you can pretty much get it no more expensive than a standard priced original MG.
  • Most parts can fit in perfectly. However, a few need effort to be put in.
  • Quite stable on its feet even though you might not think so in the first place. Way more stable than the 1/60 Exia. XP
  • LEDs can light up...
  • Its a PG!
  • Some parts need a little extra effort/force to put together (eg, upper torso area, LEDs).
  • LEDs can't be installed successfully due to the screws not being able to screw in at the last step...
  • Some parts like to come off easily when posing (ankle armor, wings). A bit of superglue can fix this problem easily though as only a few of them exhibit the problem. If you don't try to extensively pose it like me, you might not really feel it. XP
  • Some minor missing details. You might not notice them missing in the end though...
  • Can't really hold the TBR easily. Some help from a smaller base, like what I did, can alleviate this problem though.
  • This guy totally should have had a base included with it! <- Bandai's fault. x.x
Overall, this bootleg is very good. No, extremely good! There might be difficulties during construction but many have already assembled it successfully, so it is not impossible to build and keep it nicely in your display cupboard. =)

Posing is rather limited but the same goes with the original. Due to the lack of a proper action base, it doesn't do much justice to this model kit. However, if you have the PG 1/60 action bases from either the PG Strike or the PG 00, you CAN use it here. If you do get this model kit in the end and have said action base, can you please take a nice shot of the Wing "flying"? ^_^

If you can get it for around RM150, you shouldn't skip this guy out just because its a bootleg (unless you don't want a PG Wing in the first place). However, if you do not want to frustrate yourself with a model kit designed in the year 2000, then you should just skip it.

Okay, that's all for now. Not sure if I typed everything I wanted to say though as it is pretty late at night over here already. XD

Until the next review! Hint: The next one will be majority black in color.


Anonymous said...

wow get the 1/48 jumbo scale

Cass said...

@moe: I'll try but 8000 Yen is quite expensive (as there are other nice stuff coming in around the same time). XP

Furthermore, I don't think I'll have a place to store it after building... @_@

.: Rie :. said...

very nice review! nicely done kit!

kaymaroo said...

whoa great kit but 1/60 scale quiet big for me and u want get 1/48??

AstrayP03 said...

Impressive... looks almost like the real deal!

Cass said...

@kaymaroo: Just considering it. Might not buy it at all in the end but... Then again, it would be kinda fun to have something overly huge displayed nicely in your room (though I don't think I have space for it). XP

@Astray: Indeed it does. ^^

Marzz said...

Looks nice for a bootleg... And cheaper than Exia IM mode?? Damn good...

PS: YES! GET the 1/48 jumbo grade! Lols

Kok Chee Kang said...

waa, the action base 1 can support this PG Wing weight r?

Cass said...

@Kok Chee Kang: As long as the PG Wing is upright, it can support it. You can't lean it forwards or backwards sadly with the wings on. ^^;

mangyver5223 said...

is the cockpit can be opened like some other MG's?

Cass said...

@mangyver: Of course it can - You just slide the top section of the torso. One of the simplest cockpit hatch mechanism IMO.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, how did u get the Wing Zero to be supported by the 1/100 Action Base?

Cass said...

@bian: It just so happen that the PG WZC's pelvic area was small enough to accommodate the largest bracket comfortably. It has a thinner size as compared to the 1/60 Exia I have (which cannot use the base).


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