Monday, April 5, 2010

Momotoys New Stock (05-04-10) & Other Stuff Today

This will be a quick post post as I'm gonna ninja/Trans-SPAM build something I've been aching to get for a good while already. Just read on and stare at the nice poizon piccies below for more. :D

Food For Thought
Had lunch at the Spring Food Bazaar today and ate this hotplate chicken rice. Plenty spicy and very hot. Nice and delicious but really takes time to eat. Thank goodness for the long break I have today. ^^;

SD Aplenty
A chunk-load of SDs have come into the shop once again. The photos says all.

Finally! You Have Cometh! :3
007S/G is truly popular, 5 of them were taken by the time I left (and they just came in today!). =O

Loto Anyone?

Mega Sized RX78-2 & MG Unicorn + MS Cage!
The new big guys besides the PG 00 Raiser. XP

The Probably Ignored One
I wonder if anyone will get-oh this? :3

Any Takers?
I kinda like it... *_*

Various other non-Gunpla stuff came in which you can see here. Some Neo and Zect Troopers also came in.

If you like Kamen Rider and Gunpla merchandises, come over to Momotoys and get those delicious limited items! Warning, wallet may need extensive recovery after purchase.

Thus, My Houl for This Month(?)
Yes! Get-oh daze! Finally! Since the MG ARF hasn't come and will not come until the next shipment, I just went along with the plan to get TWO 007S/G! :3

Okay, that's all, time to... TRANS-SPAM BUILD! :D


moemoekyun said...

wallet warning lol ask me 3 years ago I will broke at that time. now I won't lah hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Look like Japanese style Chicken Rice look delicious.

So many SDs.

WoW its like almost everywhere now there is Stand PG 00 -_-,they have a lot of LE item,Rouge and Strike O_O

Nice loot you got there.

Luffy d Munkey said...

juz curious, y 2 007S/G? are u gonna mod the other 1?

fairuzaliayen said...

just wondering how much does 007swords cost at momotoys? i bought it for RM67...

Chris said... we should check your blog now for the latest update in Momotoys' stock? Haha...

CD said...

@moe: XP

@kei: Yep, SDs are huge in stock and they finish up pretty fast from the shelves (depending on popularity also).
Thanks. :D

@Luffy: I wonder... I'll just take some of the swords and pose the 00 in an over equipped style like most everyone has done before me. :P

@fairuz: Same. ^^;

@Chris: Not really, I may not be able to 'update' all the time since I'm am doing it just because I was there when some stocks come in. ^^

Chris said...

lol 00 14 swords then?
That'll be a sight to see.

Why is MG Red Frame so slooooow?

CD said...

@Chris: From what I was told, the supplier didn't manage to get it in time due to popularity. However, the wait for it to arrive shouldn't be too long (hopefully). ^^;

CD said...

As for the number of swords I'm going to try to put... I'll see how far I can go without doing any drillin'. XD

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

ah OO 7s/g is RM67 almost same with Gusto RM68



divinelight said...

Why did you buy two set of 00-7swords? do you really want to attach that many swords?

MG Exia transarm may be popular if they only look the boxart...

CD said...

@ZD: Want to order it? Momotoys can send it to you (not sure about SDs though). XP

@divine: No real reason besides that. Not that I really need a bigger reason than I just wanted to like most of my hard to understand reasons of doing anything. Really, I'm just a very random person through and through. ^^;

Choo Sie LIang said...

so...what would u gonna do with this 2 box of OO 7s/G???

CD said...

Basic Info: Gonna try to put as many swords as possible on the 00. ^^
I might even build 'that', without painting it, to put around 12 swords altogether. ^^;

chubbybots said...

haha I can already envision the fourteen sword combo already :D

So many SDs lol!! I am ninja building one at the moment hehe..

Anonymous said...

The rice look real delicious,but look like for not the Stand for 00 is common =X

Chris said...

Did you say RM67? Why did they put RM72?

rndm said...

(not at home)
@kei: It sure was but it was quite hot to eat. Haha.
As for the PG 00 Raiser... can't really say its common since that's the last initial production there.

@Chris: Try to ask for a lower price if you are a regular (or just ask even if you're a new customer). ^^;

Chris said...

So, the price changes depending on who we are? Ugh....I don't like bargaining....

rndm said...

(still not at home)
It isn't like it is a hard thing to do. Just ask. Make sure you're willing to buy it in the first place though. ^^

Faris said...

If i see that guy (beside the trans-am exia) my brain would whisper to me how i would assemble him with extra caution cos he is the best looking Gundam for me.He looks like a beetle and i love beetles Hahahahahahahahahahaha

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