Saturday, January 28, 2012

HG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Titus Review - Part 2

This is a continuation from this post.

One of the most beam-ful Gunpla out there. If you're fan of CQC and beams, you'll definitely love this model kit and its versatility. Read on for the rest of the review!

Section 1: Static Poses
Stats-wise, Titus is supposed to be shorter by 0.4m than Normal. Doesn't seem to be obvious or scale-accurate for the HG though. Then again, the difference is negligible at best.

Titus has a bulky yet fierce design on it. Somewhat"childish" in feel when it was first introduced but later on realized it was not. Decided to pose it with all the beams on. Yes, we get enough beams for a "Full Burst Mode" on a HG model kit costing 1200 Yen! Usually Bandai will cheap out on the beams. Lucky they did not for Gundam AGE - a good thing.

The more I look and play around with AGE-1 and its variants, the more I like them. Maybe because Flit has shown to be an effective close-range combatant from the use of Normal's beam daggers/sabers, Titus beams (everywhere) and Spallow's single Shigure Blade in kicking major arse in the show. As over-done Gundam can be, the action was nicely animated.

Section 2: Articulation & Gimmicks
Shoulders - unhindered by the bulkier shoulder armor.


Legs cannot split as far as it can due to bulk of design. Feet have a more limited range of movement as well.

Bulk does not affect these articulation points however. =)

Waist can go all around as well as front to back a decent amount - as evident from the action poses later.

Removable and adjustable arm-guard to insert the Beam Lariat. A bit inaccurate to the anime though as the arm supposedly extends at this point for the beam to come out.

Section 3: Action!
"Ready? GO!"

Oops, forgot to do the two fist smashing down motion. ^^;;;


HG Gundam AGE-1 is good at kneeling. =D

Beam Knee Kick!

Promo art pose~

Box-art pose~

Beam Shoulder Tackle!

Full Burst Mode kidou!

Section 4: Bonus
Beam Saber/Shoot Kick!

Beam Shoulder Tackle/Shoot!

Almost any beam saber part, 1/144 and 1/100 - round and flat, can work with this model kit. Wonderful potential there for more beam spam. It's fun~~~

And ze AHEAD gets it again, to the face - through the shield. Ouch.

Section 5: Conclusion
  • Full beam set.
  • Great color and part separation.
  • Great articulation, even after design-caused limits.
  • Great value @ 1200 Yen.
  • Pulling out the shoulder armor may cause piece to come off while at it, even if it is quite tight (unless you cement/superglue it that is). ^^;
Overall a fantastic model kit from the Gundam AGE series. I am simply astounded at the quality here as well as value for money. Easy to build as well so it is very beginner-friendly. You barely need to paint extra details, unless you really want to, and panel lining plus utilizing the stickers is good enough for this model kit to look nice.

I highly recommend this, especially if you're fan of the Gundam AGE-1.

That's all for now. Until the next post~


Zoidiect Archaea said...

that poor Ahead all over again XD

Chris said...

Sticking beam sabers in every hole you can! lol
My legacy has been passed on. XD

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