Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MG 1/100 Strike Gundam Update

I wonder if there will be a MG Strike Gundam 2.0 soon?

Decided to update my first MG after getting a bit of motivation from it due to some mention. Tried to fix some parts up, especially the scratch-built crystal forehead piece and rear-skirt armor, but can't really work it out nicely. Forehead crystal is rough but maybe I can still smooth-en and shape it some more later. Rear-skirt armor is pretty much a hassle to put back in one piece since the joints are now weak to any waist movement causing it to split again so I think I'll leave the back bare. ^^;;;

While at it, I decided to try out some dry-transfer decals. To my amazement, they are actually easier than I expected. Then again, Strike's decals aren't that big to apply like some certain ones like the Wing Ver. Ka. I did mess up one by accident though - by taping the wrong side. >>;;;

Took out the sword from the IWSP Striker to make it look more intimidating standing there.

Lost the forehead crystal a long time ago so I did a quick, fat, scratch-built one from the leftover runners but now shaped it down to a more accurate shape.

Other than the standard dry-transfer decals, I stuck in some of the clear stickers at a minimal amount as some sections of the white armor has turn yellowish over the years.

Even without the rear-skirt armor, I don't think it looks half-bad.

Wasted one of the shoulder armor decals so I did the next best thing - put a Bandai decal.

I admit one thing about this Gundam, it is my main favorite next to Aegis in SEED. Freedom is cool and all but I like how this Gundam got portrayed along with Kira's hardships as he grows through the series... before he became hax.

At the advent of MG Aile Strike Gundam 2.0, I leave a shot of the MG Strike Gundam IWSP here.

Until the next post~
PS: All photos hosted by Facebook. That's why there are no watermarks on them as well as I directly uploaded from my phone as I updated it yesterday. ^^;


chubbybots said...

I also preferred strike compared with freedom. At least it doesn't do beam spam haha :P

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