Sunday, January 22, 2012

HG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Titus Review - Part 1

Price: 1200 Yen

Just in time for Chinese New Year (2012)~ It is pretty much red so it somewhat fits the seasonal bill. Well, a certain Chinese/Dragon-base Gundam from a certain series would be more appropriate though.

Got this one as a Christmas gift last year from a close friend of mine. Really appreciate it since I did want to get myself a Titus thanks to its CQC motive with lots of neatly placed beams.

Also Known As: Gundam Titus
Height: 17.6m
Weight: 62.5t
Armaments: Beam Lariat (2), Beam Knee Kick (6), Beam Shoulder Tackle (8)

Story in Brief
Once a new model known as the Baqto appeared before them, Flit find problems fighting their anti-beam coated armor. The AGE System designs/creates the first "Wear" which produces the Gundam Titus - a strong CQC melee-concentrated mobile suit. It is able to bash its opponents away with pure, brute strength.

PS: Gundam Spallow is even more hax from what we can see from the anime so far. A single blade can pwn so many. Its speed is like infinite Trans-Am. No fair Flit.

Read on for the rest of the review!

Section 1:Box
A powerful boxart and the usual layer of information and necessary highlight shots. Bandai uses a white background for their HG releases ever since the HG 00 Movie model kits were released. HGUC excluded.

Section 2: Box Open!

Section 3: Runners
Adequate number of runners that gives you enough detail and parts to have a good looking model kit OOB. The plentiful amount of beams was the nicest part for me since Bandai always tries to skim in that area. But not this time.

The number of duplicate parts from the AGE-1 Normal is minimized greatly as you can see. You can compare it with my review of that here.

Section 4: Building Process
Section 4.1: Torso
Painted the interior of the yellow neck piece gray (scrapped off the excess after the shot) but I used the "A" sticker for the chest this time as I wanted the shine from it. I had half the mind to paint the blue areas red though...

Section 4.2: Head
Unlike before, for the AGE-1 Normal, I panel lined the slits in front around the "A" on the forehead. Can't really put much detailing (easily) on such a small area. ^^; As usual, I trimmed the V-Fins to look for sharp.

Section 4.3: Arms
Amazing details go into the shoulders but the opening gimmick should've been easier than it is to open. The double jointed elbows are not hindered by the larger build either. Unfortunately, Bandai only give us one pair of hands - which is where they can cheapen up. An open pair would be nice for "Imma gonna kick your arse" possibilities.

Section 4.4: Legs
Painted the not-so-visible rear section of the feet to give it a sense of better depth whenever it gets looked upon. Quite impressed the design allows it to retain a full knee bend. Not skimping out on the working mechanisms, the knee guard has linked movement.

Section 4.5: Waist
One of the most flexible waist units amongst HGs. I failed to mention about the tab at the rear when reviewing the AGE-1 Normal before. I think it is meant for the Spallow?

Section 4.6: Beams, Lots of Beams!
The circular beams are in two halves. Dayum, lots of beams! Enough to go "full burst" even~~~ =D

Section 5: Iron Preview

To be continued...



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