Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gao Gao (TT Hongli) HG 1/144 00 Seven Sword/G (007S/G) Review - Part 2

This is a late continuation of this post.

After looking through my blog, as I was updating the review buttons, I found out that I've yet to conclude this review. Looking at the date of publishing, it was probably due to other things that kept me preoccupied. Well, time to get back to the game here as I don't like to leave things unfinished unless I come to a dead end for it that is. ^^;

The model kit has been built for over 3 months and parts have been swapped around so the joints, particularly the arms, are not as tight anymore. As per usual, time does make model kits less firm as when it was just built. Ah well. At any rate, I did reinforce the joints (right arm to shoulder and forearm peg connections) for this review. The forearm part was already evident since built though.

Note: All photos are taken by the Samsung Galaxy S II @ 8MP downsized to 25% at 70% JPEG compression. I so need to get a touch-screen to focus camera next time. Much more in tune to my photo taking tendencies. Current photo-taking setup utilizes two LED white lights - left and right.

Read on!

Section 1: Static Shots
Standard HG model kit height but it is wide with all weapons attached.

The matt, though rough, plastic mold makes the bootleg rather nice to look upon even if minimally detailed as above (due to the fact I'll be using the body for some plans).

Section 2: Comparison (Gao Gao VS Bandai)
Gao Gao on the left while Bandai on the right. The different levels of detailing should make it obvious enough though.
This one should be self-explanatory and the photos should give you a good enough idea on the differences - sans the difference in level of details of course. Overall, the bootleg comes extremely close to the original while beating it in terms of sturdiness (due to its tight polycaps).

Section 3: Articulation
Binders - can go in many directions.

Shoulders - front and back.


Front - splits are a go. XP

Unfortunately, the GN Drive can't be moved upwards (by the connection to the blue "plate") like the original since the polycaps are a bit "fat" in the connecting areas. May be possible to mod to as per intended movement range.


Waist - substantially more sturdy than the original (by not leaning to the left) due to the tightness of the polycaps.


Section 4: Action! (Plus Gimmicks)
GN Sword II Blaster - Sword Mode. Note that the white part of the hand may come off since the sword isn't featherweight stuff. ^^;

GN Sword II Blaster - Rifle Mode.

GN Buster Sword II. Note that the white part of the hand may come off since the sword isn't featherweight stuff. ^^;

Dual-wield GN Buster Sword II. Requires another HG 007SG model kit. >.>
Not very flexible as you are basically playing with two heavy weapons at once. Technically, the shoulder is the one that gives way instead of the hands - which are interesting more capable.

GN Sword II Long/Short - Sword Mode. I repeat, I don't like the short sword. Tip is very fragile and easily falls off if you accidentally touch it.

GN Sword II Long - Rifle Mode and GN Sword II Short. The short sword isn't very flexible in this mode either, even when I added some blue tack (quite obvious above) to add more friction to hold the wire in position. ^^;

GN Sword II Long/Short - Rifle Mode. Since the large and small "spatulas" are light and easy to pose with... you can have lots of fun with em'.

GN Sword II Long - Rifle Mode.


GN Katar KICK!

GN Katar. For this one to work effectively, you'll need something in the hand spaces else the katars will flop down. I used some blue tack, again, for this. ^^;

Stuck the GN Katars with blue tack on the GN Drives ala MG 007SG for dramatic posing fun~!

Some minor beam saber posing. You got better swords to pose with so beam sabers, which is standard issue, kinda gets a neglect from me. >.>

A simple "clash of the previous and next generation" kind of shot. =)

Section 5: Conclusion
  • Stickers stick like normal but mine were printed with a large margin of error however...
  • Tight, sturdy joints/polycaps.
  • Mostly matt plastic mold.
  • Can hold up heavy weapons without much problems while being better at it than the original.


  • Pegs for weapons that connects to the forearm are loose.
  • Some parts will need to be modded (minor) to work as intended. Notes on this are covered in the first part of the review.
  • Sometimes when things are tighter does not mean it is always better like the katar pegs are stuck to the katars rather than to the ankle armor.
Overall a VERY good bootleg with rather minor problems which are easily fixed without much fuss. The tight polycaps helps to make the model kit more lasting and durable in holding "heavier poses" which the original itself could not reproduce successfully without some modding. Of course, time will still wear out the joints as you pose it more.

That's all for this belated review conclusion. Until the next post.


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you can move the GN Drive upward by flipping the polycap. The rounded side is facing the shoulder plate.

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