Friday, November 20, 2009

Finals(Semester 2 2009) End! Yay?

Finally after letting this blog go on a hiatus run due to finishing TWO assignments and the FOUR final papers that just finished today. For the (group) assignments, my groups manage to get very good marks. I was so happy that we could get those marks, that I was almost going to jump in joy. Go team~ ^^

As for the final exam, hopefully I'll get my targeted marks since it wasn't all as difficult as I initially expected (except for maybe the last paper however). I guess my perseverance in forcing myself to read the textbooks and notes really did help make the exam less stressing (though I'm mentally exhausted).

At any rate, now I have some free time once again to do whatever I want as the Foundation course is done for now. Sadly I still have the Summer Semester to do starting next month, ending in the 2nd week of January. According to one of our lecturers, we might be running against the clock most of the time during the compulsory semester due to its shortness and amount of work needed to be done. For now, I have some time to kill for non-education stuff.

With that said, I wanted to build the Blue Frame but decided not to as I felt my hands to be a little rusty and well I have another kit begging to put together. Remember my trip to KL last July? Well, I finally decided to build the HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam. I made a few mishaps while building it though but I'm still happy with the results thus far. Its not completed yet as I slowly put it together and doing additional add-ons (panel-lining and some paint).

Here's an early preview;
As you can see, the back-section is not done yet. I was building this the whole night and just stopped pass midnight. The mishaps I did (darn silver marker leaking onto my palm and me doing something totally unreasonable resulting in a part breaking off) made it a little annoying and longer to finish. Err, yeah. I'm contemplating to either paint the beam rifle and bazooka silver or leave it be until I get me some proper painting equipment. =/

Also, did anyone tried the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta yet? I just downloaded it but haven't had the opportunity to install it yet. Going to try it out real soon, like... tomorrow? =D

Okay, that's all for now. >.>

PS: Hey guys, got any good MMORPGs that is "free 2 play" which you consider fun to play currently? I feel like playing at least one for a while (I normally play online games but never break level 30) to make my life well, more varied. XP

Note: I might also update my alternate blog once in a while with some miscellaneous stuff, but mostly smaller posts. Keep an eye out as you may find some funny and interesting stuff posted up by me. ^^


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