Saturday, November 21, 2009

HGUC 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam Review - Part 2

Quickly continuing the previous post of the review, here is part 2, the finally.

I really can't think of what poses to take sometimes since there really should be a HGUC Nightingale to pair up with this guy... it feels lonely. ^^;

Okay lets get on with the review~

Part 1: Height Comparisons

That's a 600ml bottle in the background. I lost the 500ml bottle...

OMG, brothers? No, cousins?! XD The reason for this is because Reborns in based on the Hi-Nu.

Part 2: Up, Left, Down, Right!
Gotta love the funnels, they make awesome "wings" feel and look.

Part 3: Articulation & Gimmicks
The shoulder can rise up really high up because of the MG-like shoulder connection. The leg spread is so-so due to still using ball-joints for the hips section.

Arm Machine Gun.

Reload cartridge?

The white compartment on the left arm is supposed to house another beam saber... but there is no such gimmick on this HGUC unlike its MG counterpart.
FYI, the crack line of the elbow section was my bad. ^^;

You can "pull" the torso section a little upwards to increase the articulation of the upper body and "push" it back down to avoid it from tumbling backwards due to the imbalanced caused by the funnels. This articulation benefit is best done when the funnels are taken off. ^^

Part 4: Action!

Obligatory boxart pose. Took me a good while to make sure this photo came out alright and as closely accurate as possible. ^^
I used blue tacks to hold up the usable Fin Funnels in "mid-air".

Some bazooka action. The wing binders can cause a bit of obstruction to the bazooka though.

Blue beam sabers!

Kneeling shooting position shots.

Grounded dual beam saber action. Mmm, sexy.

There's a reason why it has two guns and two arms. XP

Final shot!

Part X: Some More Comparisons With Reborns
Can you see the similarities?

Part 5: Conclusions
  • Reasonably priced at 2200 Yen as the MG costs 7000 Yen.
  • Decent color separation overall minus beam rifle and bazooka.
  • Stiff and solid. Not back-heavy at all but it can topple over if you don't stand it up right.
  • Inclusion of simple to use clear stickers to make the kit stand out more.
  • Blue beam sabers FTW.
  • Head is friggin' hard to turn.
  • Only 2 usable Fin Funnels. C'mon, the HGUC Nu can have all its funnels deployed!
  • Missing gimmicks(probably due to scale issues) such as beam saber in left arm and movable leg thrusters.
  • Coloration of the mold for the beam rifle and bazooka is the epitome of lame. Can't Bandai just mold it in white by the least?

Overall, the model kit is very nice. Sure you only got two usable Fin Funnels but for 2200 Yen its a~wri~ght. Its priced low and some drawbacks are obvious. If you want a more playable Hi-Nu, you'll need to shell out some more cash as the MG costs 7000 Yen but comes with a custom stand, funnel effects and a more color accurate mold.

Nonetheless, if you want a cheap alternative, you can't go wrong with this HGUC. Even if you don't paint some of the parts silver(to follow the accurate color scheme), it should look good enough to display.

Okay, that's all for now.

Next up, the MG Astray Blue Frame? Maybe, lets see if I have the time. ^^;


chubbybots said...

No issues with the photos dude :D everything looks nice and smooth ^^

I also have this kit but its snap fitted and stored some where haha. But it is indeed a very good kit for this price but agree with you on the funnels...only 2 usable ones..very disappointing!

Tsukinari said...

Nice Hi-Nu u got there... pretty much detailed review, I dunno if I can do review like that.. Im suck at it lol...

I have 1 HGUC coming next month maybe, It will be the first HGUC for me.. Its HGUC 7th Gundam ^^, probably will buy more HGUC due its nicer mold design and stuffs.. but dunno which one .. got a couple of HGUC from Unicorn series in mind .. but Ill have to wait and see then... lol...

Btw.. ur blog is ... very pink XD... kinda like Kamen Rider Decade color lol JK ^^;;

CD said...

@chubbybots: Thanks. Guess I'll use this quality from now on for my blog pics(unless anyone objects).

@Tsukinari: Thanks, it took quite a while to do, especially trying to take a good angle "boxart" shot. When you want to do a good, detailed review, be prepared to spend quite a bit of time(free time which I currently have for the time being).

You should get the HGUC Unicorn(Normal & Destroy)! XD

Well, yeah, it is quite pink since its my favorite color(along with red and purple). Ironically, I also like Decade. XP

Chris said...

You were comparing Reborns and Hi-nu but for me, Strike Freedom have more resemblence to Hi-nu. ^^

CD said...

Well, yep, on a hindsight, it does look similar to the Freedom due to the funnels. But if you look at the overall picture, the Reborns is much closer to it than you might initially think. >.>


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