Saturday, November 28, 2009

PC Fair 2009 Late November Edition

So today I finally went to the PC Fair located at Level 5 Permata Carpark, Kuching. It was not sponsored by PIKOM but by Sarawak ICT(?) instead if I'm not mistaken.

The main plan of going to the PC Fair was to buy some blank DVDs and a cheapo mouse as my current mouse is figid-dy. To my disappointment, the blank DVD are not as cheap as they once were and the brand availability was very limited. I ended up buying a 100pcs Verbatim DVD-R set @ RM100. Didn't had much choices as I needed them urgently already. I was initially expecting them to be within the RM80 region like they were last year... should I blame the recent recession on this?

Other than that, I bought 2 cheapo Sensonic mice @ RM9.90 each, a cheapo E-View small keyboard @ RM15 and a new 20" LG Flatron W2043S LCD monitor @ RM399(a 14" CRT monitor doesn't cut it anymore...). My mother agreed to let me buy the monitor so I was pretty lucky to be able to get it! I'm so happy that she did. ^^ Well, there goes a good amount of cash for next month... well, at least the items are considerably less optional than my hobby items. >.>;

Overall, I find the PC Fair was slightly disappointing as there wasn't any really good enough deals, except maybe laptops, going around due to heighten IT parts prices. Don't know how the PIKOM sponsored PCFair will be though. It should be better but won't be held in Kuching. >.>

So, fellow Kuching dwellers, did you go to the PC Fair too? Disappointed? Satisfied? Found what you wanted to get?

PS: No progress on the Astray so far due to me playing Phantasy Star Zero too much(and still am). Game can be quite addicting since I haven't played such a game for a while. ^^;



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