Sunday, November 22, 2009

Room Rearrangement & Arios Review

Its that time of the year when you spend your time to do a little "spring cleaning" for your house/room. Because of that, my nose is sneezing like hell due to me being very easily affected by dust. ~.~

Well, to be exact, it's not really spring cleaning but some stuff in my room and my younger sibling's room got rearranged. Now each of us got one bed each(we had two initially due to room sharing and old beds left over).

My mother also got me a "new" computer table which actually is not new. Nonetheless, it was completely FREE. Her office decided to let go of some stuff by "auctioning" stuff out especially computer tables(at dirt cheap prices). During that "auction" there came this table that was auctioned for FREE but NO ONE wanted it because of just one missing screw and its older than the rest. Pfft. My mother decided to get it in the end and it now in my room for my old computer to sit on, next to my BED. ^^;

Current configuration;
That's our house old comp(bought early 2006) that was used by my sister before until I got her the new computer last year for Christmas(which can be said leaps and bounds faster). As you may have known, the LCD monitor died a while ago and I had to switch to a retro monitor that was bought in 1996(IIRC) with my Windows 95 computer(which can still work but currently tucked away). Too bad my other, but larger and slightly newer, retro monitor was scraped due to over-usage too. ^^; FYI, this is my constantly used computer for mainly internet browsing, blogging and light gaming(older games works best on XP after all). Too bad I don't have another LCD monitor spare, 1024x768 is small nowadays. Then again, my biggest monitor is only 17" in the end excluding the 32" LCD TV.

Basically its made full of retro-ness. You can't get that kind of table nowadays(I think) and the keyboard and speakers are 2002'd.

Also, since somebody asked before, I did a quick review on the HG 1/144 Arios Gundam over at my Wordpress blog. I did the photoshoot practically alongside the Hi-Nu so not much time was used. Sorry if the review is not up to par with my regular ones. Its just a quick one on a practically EOL product after all. ^^;

Bonus image~! Here's a shot of my MG Exia Repair + Strikes Arm sitting down acting boss with the other kits(and while I was semi-cleaning my room). XD

Okay that's all for now. Darn, my nose really annoys me right now. Cleaning up can really be a pain when dust can easily affect you. Can't really do much stuff actually now. XP



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