Friday, November 27, 2009

HG GN Archer Quick Review & WIP MG Astray Blue Frame 2ndR

How's everyone doing today? Enjoying the "Black Friday"? Well, I'm kinda am as there's no class today and I got the time to do whatever again. ^_^

Lately, I've gone back to the "gaming mood" and have to go through Summer Semester at Swinburne so I'll probably update less on the blog on Gunpla for a while... Fret not, I'm currently building the MG Astray Blue Frame, though only the head and torso is completed thus far. Then again, I only started last night. ^^;

At any rate, I did a quick review on the HG 1/144 GN Archer to test out a new background and lighting(natural sunlight) over at my Wordpress blog. My room doesn't have the best exposure to sunlight, but I like to know what you all think about it as I might do my future reviews with this setting. The lighting also can be from my fluorescent light as well. =)

Oh yeah, is anyone else going to the PC Fair today or for the weekends? Hopefully there will be something worthwhile when I go there....

That's all for now and I plan to finish the Blue Frame by Sunday~Monday if possible. XP


Anonymous said...

Man I haven't started on my MG blue frame as of yet...still trying to finish my current backlog of kits...looks like its a next year build lol :D

Anonymous said...

Good a choice, the MG Blue Frame. Good articulation, flexible and... he has a pet robotic bird (which has a gatling gun for a beak).

CD said...

@chubbybots: Ah well, there is no need to rush, hobby stuff should be done when you feel like it(for best results). ^^

@bd77: The oversized sword(can't deny I like it though) is a bird now? XD Hrm, that gives me some ideas... >.>

Anonymous said...

Agreed on taking your time ^^ and it does produce the best results that way!!


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