Saturday, February 6, 2010

MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise Review - Part 3

Part 1: Box, Box Open, Runners & Building Process
Part 2: Height Comparisons, Articulation, Gimmicks, Action & Conclusion
Part 3: Additional Review - MG VS NG, Backpack Adapter (First Batch Item)

Sorry if this one took a while to be finished. I actually can finish it not long after part 2 was done but I was initially hoping that I would've gotten one of the NG VS Astrays by now. Sadly, I just couldn't make myself purchase those uber lame rehashes even though they sell for RM85 at a shop... they are just so not worth it... OTL.

Nonetheless, I'll at least be able to play around one backpack adapter but if you have seen my review on the Strike Noir, it might bore you. Basically the same stuff there. ^^;
However, if you want to see some Dalong-ish comparisons between NG and Mg, please read on. =)

Part 1: MG VS NG
I don't have the NG Astray Blue Frame2nd L unfortunately. I almost did as there was someone selling it for RM80 (+/-) last year. Tempting but I didn't pull the trigger in the end. Well, by the very least, I have the Astray Green Frame to use as a means of comparison. Hopefully, this will be good enough. ^^;

The shots for this part was taken a while ago, which results in the use of the older less nicer background. XP

As you can see, the blue Frame is taller. It is supposed to be taller anyways so they are quite height accurate here. Good job Bandai. =)

Ignore the shoulders as the Blue Frame has a customized shoulder while the Green Frame has the standard Astray shoulder.
As you can see, the arms are more slender and more detailed on the MG.

The legs are also more slender and more detailed at some parts.

Side to side comparison.

The different in the bulkiness of the arms are quite apparent here.

Another angle shot of the legs. As you can see, the front exhaust of the legs on the MG lost some bulk and detail... I kinda like the huge exhaust IMO.

Back to back comparison.
Ignore the backpack as the backpack of the Blue Frame is also customized to hold it huge arse sword while the Green Frame uses the standard Astray backpack.

Ignore the shoulder guards as well.
Oops, looks like I lost one of the Green Frame's small white armor on the arms... ORZ.
Anyways, the overall detail of the arm guard is much higher on the MG and it is separated into 2 separate pieces as well.

The details on the backside of the legs are also more richer on the MG. I like the fact that the ankle section of the legs sport exhausts now as well instead of that blank slate on the NG.

Next up, some articulation comparisons...

The MG has a double jointed neck while the NG has a single jointed neck. Thus, the MG Astray has an overall better neck articulation.

The arms. The MG has a double jointed elbow joint while the NG has a single jointed elbow joint. However, due to the design of the arms, the articulation is virtually the same.
Of course, that's one of the reasons why many liked the NG Astrays in the first place, their almost MG-like articulation. As such, the MG do have a much better articulation, the next step of articulation for MG kits IMO.

Improved abdomen articulation for the MG. It is present somewhat for the NG as well but due to the absence of an internal frame, it doesn't look as mechanical.

Trojan: ONORE GAI!!!
Gai: ...

Good articulation to crazy awesome articulation. Good job Bandai.

Different articulation approach for the feet but they are probably different due to the Blue Frame having knifes in its feet.

Hydraulics and moving knee guards for the MG.

Part X: Random Shots
Just some so much needed beam saber action. XD
Note: Beam sabers are borrowed from Green Frame.

Part 2: Backpack Adaptor
You'll only get this for the first batch release of the MG Blue Frame unfortunately. So, I don't know whether you guys will get it if you decide to buy the it in the future. At any rate, here is me playing around with one of the backpack adaptors as I didn't buy a single NG VS Aatrays due to their... very unfavorable prices and well, quality for that price. XP

Part 2.1: Backpack Adapter A
This one if for the MG Astray to be able to use the MG Striker packs such as the Aile, Sword, Launcher and so on Striker packs. You can also use the packs from the NG Akatsuki as well as the connections are basically the same as the MG Strike.

A very simple to build part made of two parts only. Note that you won't be able to utilize the Blue Frame's abdomen articulation completely with this on.

To use it, just take off the normal backpack adapter and replace it...

Part 2.1.1: Sword Astray Blue frame
As usual, no shoulder part of a Striker pack can be mounted.

Part 2.1.2: Launcher Astray Blue Frame

Part 2.1.3: Astray Blue Frame Noir

The pack doesn't seem to go in all that nice but it sits in tightly.

Part 2.1.4: Astray Blue Frame + I.W.S.P.The I.W.S.P. pack is a little bit loose here so be careful if you do do this. ^^;

Part 2.2: Backpack Adapter B
This one is for the MG Astray to be able to use some of the NG VS Astrays backpacks... don't have one so I can't show you anything but the adapter. Sorry. ^^;

Part 2.3: Backpack Adapter C
This one is for the NG VS Astrays to be able to use the MG Striker packs as well as the NG Akatsuki packs.

Part 2.4: Backpack Adapter D
This one is very limited in use. This one is for the NG VS Astrays to be able to use the Blue Frame's backpack and huge arse sword. That's about it.

Part 3: Final Words
The MG Astray Blue Frame is awesome and so will the dual katana wielding MG Astray Red Frame which I look forward to get as well when it comes over here. The MG is an overall improvement of the already quite good NG Astrays. =)

The backpack adapters will work as long as you can insert it into the holes at the back so there not just limited to the VS Astrays Gundams. However, I couldn't use any of it on the NG Astray... d'oh. Will I get a NG VS Astray Gundam? Well, I do wanna get that strange yet awesome Mirage Frame 2nd Issue but that's mostly it. Well, so of the rest do peak my interest as I don't really have much of any NG SEED lying around except my NG Astray Green Frame. XD

Okay, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy these shots...



MaftyNavue said...

Wow.. Awesome.. I really like the Sword Strike Blue Frame Astray... The color is match..

will you get the Red Frame or not? (Get I presume..) I really want to put the Aile striker at Red Frame..

Anonymous said...

Cool... Wait till you use the sword as a robotic pet bird for Gai. :D

Anonymous said...

looking forward you complete all 5 astray prototype

CD said...

@Mafty: I will. That dual katana is win. XP

@bd: Already did that in part 2. Scroll through that photo spam! XD

@moe: Depends. The Gold Frame might go outta my league...

B-Mecha said...

I don't really like Blue Frame because of the armor design. Red Frame remain my favourite. Really hope Bandai don't be so bias, giving blue frame so many armor but not for Red Frame.

Give me the Mars Jacket for Red Frame!

Anonymous said...

this is the only one that I really want to buy as bandai mg...

but I'll have to wait for maybe 2 months... maybe they will release astray blue frame 3rd by then.

Choo Sie LIang said...

haha...i should call this "astray blue frame 3rd noir"

mangyver5223 said...

wow, never heard this guy can use striker packs. looks awesome and cool

chubbybots said...

Oh I love the sword strike version :D Very ninja like (syful watch out!!)

I love how you compare part by part for the review ^^ Its a very worth it MG imo :D

CD said...

@B-Mecha: Lets hope that Mars Jacket for Red Frame can happen though I feel the possibility is rather low. ^^;
Maybe RD can make one?! O.O

@divine: If you really want and can afford, get it. =)

@Liang: Well, it does make the Blue Frame look somewhat similar to the 3rd/G which uses guns. XD

@mangyver: You unfortunately have to get the first batch extra item, the backpack adapters, to do this. ^^;

@chubbs: Yeah, Gai is a ninja! XD

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

sweet! you got the backpack adapter! I bought mine shortly after release but it didn't come with the adapter parts cus I bought it in hong kong... no idea why they omitted it tho =/

CD said...

@Astray: That's weird but I ever read that sometimes you have to ask the shop to give you one. Did you try to ask them about it that time?

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

Yeah I did :( ah well... not that I have any use of it anyways :P but would be cool to have it ^^

Zeon_Two_Six said...

I think you could use the Strike's Shoulders for this one. Pretty much like what Z did with the Impulse and the striker pack adaptors...

CD said...

@Zeon: Unfortunately the MG Astray uses a different joint than the Strike (finally!). Using the Strike's shoulder armor may be possible but the connection will be quite short in the end. ^^;

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