Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wallpaper Fun? (1 Gundam Wallpapers)

High Quality 1600x900

Low Quality 1600x900

So, I just made this wallpaper, real quick-like. I wonder if the slightly off-screen "MISSION INCOMPLETE" looks off for any of you. Anyways, its just a simple wallpaper for 16:9 monitors with 2 arts combined which I found from the Gundam Images thread over at the Animesuki forums.

I don't really think I need any credit for this since its too simple, so if you want to use it you can but don't say you made it. That's just plagiarism.

High Quality 1600x900

Low Quality 1600x900

Just added some noise and blur effects to make it look less plain. Enjoy~ Hope someone will like this. ^^;


Anonymous said...

Fwah an I Reborns Gundam haha. ^^ That is one nice wallpaper :D

Cass said...

Thanks. ^^

Technically it's just called 1 (Ai) Gundam.

FPTiopianco said...

Nice wall! From what video game is this?

Cass said...

Well, its not from a game but from the Gundam 00 sidestory - 00P which is a light novel.


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