Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MG 1/100 Turn A Gundam Review

Price: 3800 Yen

I actually wanted to review this one a while back but seeing as I was short on time due to being busy with University and all, it didn't happen. So, since my semester break hasn't ended yet, I already planned or felt that I will review or re-review some of my model kits before I get busy again. XP

FYI, I bought this around February last year as my second MG! Thus, this is like some sort of anniversary post. XD

Model No.: WD-M01
Pilot: Loran Cehack/Laura Rola
Height: 20.0m
Weight: 28.6m
More here at MAHQ.

My Take on Turn A;
Turn A is the ultimate Gundam but will only present its full power when it is piloted by a Newtype. According to the "Dark History", Turn A used 30% of its full power to completely destroy all technology on Earth with its signature attack - Moonlight Butterfly. This destruction caused the world to reset to what you see in the Turn A series going back to something like a 17-18th-century-like-world.

It was later found by Loran during his coming of age ceremony after the descent of the Moonrace soldiers. It doesn't debut until the second episode unlike most Gundams and does not "pwn everything in sight" like your average Gundam war machine.

For more about the Turn A, watch the anime! Note: Loran doesn't even use more than 10% of the Turn A's capabilities by story end (IIRC)!

Part 1: Box
A special box for the 100th MG.

The box is pretty tall too.
(Yes, I keep my boxes nicely even after building.)

Part 2: Manual and Extra Stuff
Some of the extra contents and manual shots. The decal sheet isn't something you might use though since the decals are very lame. Then again, the Turn doesn't need em'.

Part 3: Comparisons
Turn A is pretty tall. If you have the MG Hi-Nu, they should stand at the same height.

Besides the main body, rifle and shield, it also comes with a pair of open hands, a slightly oversized 1/100 Loran, a 1/100 COW, two thin beam parts, back connectors to store the rifle and shield, a white chest piece (didn't use) and...


Like I said before, Turn is TALL.

Part 4: Up, Left, Down, Right!

Part 5: Close-Ups
Box-art pose.

The eyes aren't your ordinary MG eyes. The sticker is actually a plain silver piece that goes BEHIND a clear yellow piece. This is a first and so far only for a MG so far. It has been complimented for being a PG-like design. Normally PGs use this design for the LEDs that goes into the eyes.

Any thrust for the Turn A comes only from its legs which, to my reasoning, are made to be thrusters (and legs) only as, well, you can just see that by yourself.

Part 6: Articulation & Gimmicks
Turn A isn't designed like your traditional Gundams so many of its articulation points and how it functions is quite different. This is a welcome change IMO as it makes the Turn A much more special that it already is.

It is also made similar to a "Ver. KA" MG whereby it doesn't use even a single polycap. Everything is plastic to plastic and some parts are made of ABS plastic. I still wonder how did I manage to build it with just a scissors and a stationary knife (and later fixed up with Gundam Markers). XD

The shoulder armor DOES NOT rotate but you can open it up to allow more movement for the arms.

The arms by the shoulder joint can move forwards.

It can spread it legs completely by 180 degrees. The arms don't really go up that far due to the design.

The flap on the shoulder armor here can move in and out.

Articulation is pretty good especially since it doesn't have a rear skirt armor to block the legs from going backwards. The Turn A is also VERY sturdy and can balance well even on one leg.

I have one complaint about the legs though. It just likes to fall off when I turn it around. However, it doesn't mean that it will fall off for no reason. The Turn A can stand and stand very well.

Right at default, the fingers are already separated! A bit had to put together but they are splendid. ^^

The wrists can move about as well but not as extreme as certain MGs.

It has good abdomen and neck articulation. The head and torso can spin all the way around due to having nothing to stop em'. Even in the show, it was shown that the Turn A can turn quite a lot... well, Turn A Turn, Turn... XD

Kneeling pose is pretty good.

You can take a certain part of the chest to put in the cow! Now you too can replicate the scene in the show where Loran even help out farmers!

Other than helping people out... well, missiles. This is a missile silo after all.

You can pull out the missiles if you want or pull them out a little for some missile shooting action.

The back hatches can open up too.

The back connectors so that you can put on the rifle and shield on stand-by (or use beam sabers without the need to throw them away).

I don't know why they are at the opposite sides of the hands normally used to hold them though...
(The right front skirt fell off... orz.)

The thruster parts can move via link movement by moving the legs in certain ways. Bending the lower section of the legs or the upper knee will cause them to move. Please do be careful when playing around with the linked parts though.

You can slide the part open and pull out the handle.

There's also another handle on this side. You can slide it open and pull out the handle to use. After pulling it out, you can turn the handle all the way around. You need to put it back to its original position before you can push the handle back in though.

The shield is very detailed. We finally get a sliding mechanism! The clasps are for when the shield is installed on the arms for more grip I guess.

Self explanatory. This is if you want to use an action base with the Turn A. Pop out the cover at the back (you may need something like a toothpick to help out) and insert the given connector and then finally connect to your own action base. The connector is a bit loose though so do be careful.

Part 7: Action!
One of its signature poses. The rifle is a little hard to force into the hands in that position though.

Unlike your traditional beam rifles... you better don't mes with Turn A's! Its pretty strong and if memory serves right, it should be as strong as any beam launcher!

Final Shot!

Other ways to hold the beam rifle (the last image is the correct way of using the second handle actually)). ^^

Beam saber action! I just love using Turn A in Gundam Musou because of this! XD

Gundam... HAMMER! And it can explode on contact too!

BURE-- *censored*
Note: You better open up the chest if you want to open up the covers or else you will risk breaking the connections.

*Bandai! Where's my MG Turn A Moonlight Butterfly Version?!*

Turn A falls (well suddenly stops function somewhat in the show) and the crothpit detaches and turns into a core fighter!

The "crotchpit".

Crotchpit to core fighter. Transformation should be quite obvious since I took the shots step by step. ^^;

Turn A DASH~!!!

Part 8: Conclusion
  • 100th MG
  • Tall
  • Nicely articulated
  • Good price
  • Great detail
  • Sexy legs
  • No polycaps used?
  • Legs can come off the waist if you move it too much
  • Design may not be to most Gundam fans taste
  • No polycaps used?
Overall, the MG Turn A is pure win. If you manage to be able to get it, GET IT. This one is a truly must get for any Gundam fan! Well, unless you dislike the design of course.

I do have to admit that the yellow part of the front skirt tend to pop-up from time to time but that only happens to the right side. Probably my fault since I built it with a scissors before. ^^;

Okay that's all for this post. Gonna type the next post right after this or after a short typing break. XP


Anonymous said...

Pure plastic model,didn't know all Ka kits are full plastic -_-
But this kits had a lot of things going for it even have a cow -_-

MaftyNavue said...

Woot.. I want some review to the cow...
what is that for?
and surprisingly the cockpit location is flashy too hahaha...

moemoekyun said...

for turn A I like the cocpit place the most :D never get shot there lol

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

Turn A Turn...Turn A Turn...Turn A Turn....what???

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness! I can't wait to build my turn A now xD too bad the leg connector seems REALLY short though >.>

Tsukinari said...


MG Turn A was on my wanted list.. but got GNX and Exia instead lulz

Nice detailed Review..!! Good Job!

Chris said...

Haha, finally reviewed the Turn A, I see. It seriously wants panel lines, just like RX-78-2 OYW. ^^

CD said...

@kei: Its a special Gundam after all. ^^

@Mafty: Can't review much on the cow since I can't zoom any closer than what you see in the review. XP
At any rate, I didn't do anything to the cow since I don't want to screw it up. MG Cow is precious. XD

@moe: But that area can still be slashed by a certain Char. >_>

ZD: Turn A Turn~!

@Faddy: It shouldn't trouble you much if you don't move the legs too much. ^^;

@Nari: Thanks! Well, can always get later since you can buy online after all. =)

@Chris: Yep, panel lining is quite required for this one. Luckily I finally did it not too long ago.

Choo Sie LIang said...

thats no true,nu gundam is taller than turn A gundam..by the way,strange cockpit...= =

chubbybots said...

Lol mustache is under pros :D Actually the 1/100 cow is tempting haha.

I am one of those who initially disliked the Turn A but somehow its design grew on me as I read more and more reviews. But there are better things out there to get now than turn A haha :D

But overall fantastic and detailed review from you again ^^ Where is shinning finger haha...

divinelight said...

great review as always.

the main negative from him for me is his "turn A" - mustache... it's not really good for me.

also don't like his legs shown from behind, so weird.

CD said...

@Liang: I said Hi-Nu not Nu. Hi-Nu is shorter than Nu since it is 20.0m just like Turn A. ^^;

@chubbs: Thanks! Mustache is a pro in my book since it is nicely designed and quite sharp. The interesting design of he Turn A and the debate on it actually drew to watch the series and eventually get the MG.
Huhu, Shining Finger... as in the review for another certain MG of mine? XD

@divine: Thanks. Well, the design is either something you like or don't like. The Turn A is just no ordinary Gundam. ^^;

rockleelotus said...

if you read One Piece, this guy is Whitebeard!! lol great review, his design is very unique and comes with lots of little parts. im not crazy about it but i also dont hate it, is the series good? i might check it out after i finish Zeta Gundam.

CD said...

@rocklee: All it needs now is a spear! XD
Well, you better see the series for yourself. But if you're the type who loves to see mostly action, you may be turned off by the slower pacing and different story setting the Turn A gives. The series does pick up pace a bit later though but not immediately.

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