Thursday, February 25, 2010

Unexpected Surprise! Bandai Releases a Ton of HGs!

This shouldn't be new news to most of you, especially the ones who frequent Ngee Khiong's blog, but Bandai has did it again!

2010 has been a pleasant ride so far especially in the hobby realm. With my previous posting on my Wordpress blog on the waterfall of Robot Damashii, Revoltech Yamaguchi and so on displays it really does seem so. Good in a way but terrible for our wallets unless we're rich, very rich.

A good surprise here was the release of the MG Wing Gundam TV Ver. Many Gunpla fans has been wishing for this and it will come out by April at a rather high price of 4200 Yen?! I'm happy that Bandai finally has released this since the MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka was nothing more than the Endless Waltz Wing Gundam Zero Custom with different wings and a shield...

However, looking at the price, I feel that this is quit a miss. How can it be so expensive when the Ver. Ka was only 3500 Yen? Of course, if it comes with an updated mold and articulation range while not being a simple rehash using most parts from the Ver. Ka, I might understand the higher price. Let's just hope it is a new mold.

Ah, one of those anticipated Gundams to become a MG is now being re-released into the new HG line! HG Gundam X! A wonderful and welcome surprise from Bandai. This one will also be released by April at 1800 Yen?! Why is it so expensive? Did development costs went up or something? I don't get it. Of course, someone suggested that it may also come with the X Divider parts... well, lets hope so or this new HG line looks dim n terms of pricing. From what we have been shown, it shouldn't cost more than 1200 Yen...

Aha! Maybe we will get one of those GX bits?! O_O

Another pleasant surprise. A HG God Gundam!? If it gets the right polycaps and the right articulation range... it may truly be far more superior than even its MG counterpart! I'm looking forward to this one. Don't disappoint me Bandai. ^^
May release.

Even a HG ZZ Gundam?! O_O Bandai is on a roll here with these releases. A lot of these are pretty popular Gundams. Even though the ZZ didn't get much love series-wise, it finally gets an update HG! Well, I remember that the old 1/144 ZZ was modded in Degenki Hobby recently...
It probably might not retain its core fighter gimmick but the Gundam is pretty neat by itself already. Anyways, the core fighter gimmick might seriously hurt its articulation. ^^;
Looking forward to this too but I feel sad that this one might cost more than 2000 when it comes around... hopefully it will cost like... 1800 Yen? XD
June release.

OMG! A HG Astraea Type F! It even comes loaded with all the missing HG weapons for Season 1 Gundam 00 Gundams! Definitely will get this one when it comes around. Being at a cool price of 1800 Yen, it doesn't seem half bad to me. However, I feel disappointed that Bandai will not update the articulation of the hips for the Astraea as you can see very clearly in the shots as it retain the HG Exia's leg joints. Wished they could do something about that, really.
Gonna be released by April as well for 1800 Yen. What's up with that 1800 Yen figure anyways?

Even a HG 1 Gundam! ^_^ But why is it 1800 Yen too?! Why so expensive... ! Maybe, just maybe, it will come with certain "missing" weapons too?!
May release.

Yes! HG Gundam Avalanche Exia! Probably will come out at 1800 Yen looking at the pattern currently. I think I'll get this one too. The HG Exia happens to be the most stable amongst its grades sans SD Exia. XD
June release.

(All pictures are "kindly borrowed" from Ngee Khiong.)

Looking at this flood of HG releases, I might have to revise my current Gunpla spending plans this year, AGAIN. I wasn't expecting much for this year but this is much more than I have expected. Then again, like moe has said before, model kits are produced forever. Basically, there is no problem if I do want to "collect em' all" but it will take some time. XP
Ah well, as long as the budget is there, I'll buy what I like and can buy. In the end, its all about the "heart". Which Gundam do I like more? I guess. XD

That's all for now.
(Late and random post is well... late and random post!)


moemoekyun said...

as I said before they put discontinued in old kits from wing G and X series so it doesn't matter they make new lineup

Anonymous said...

I'll probably get MG Wing ^^ I like the TV version just as much as the ver ka and endless waltz version xD Price is pretty expensive though >.>

MaftyNavue said...

again.. MG Wing is awesome but I won't take it because
My Heart is already at Crossbone (song..)

well the HG X pretty nice too..

divinelight said...

I like HGs are coming along, because it's more affordable for me ^^
I shall buy 1 Gundam, Ava Exia, and Astraea F, because they are not in one month release.

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