Sunday, February 14, 2010

NG 1/100 Gale Strike Gundam (CUSTOM Ver. rndm) Review

On Friday this week, I bought the NG Gale Strike in a great and ray decision to mode it to my liking and satisfaction. To know more about what I did, please read the first WIP and second WIP. I won't really call it a WIP per say as all of it was done in one fell swoop of one day! So, it is technically a Work in Super Fast Progress. XD

At any rate, read the review over at my Wordpress blog but it is pretty long and detailed for a simple NG review though. XP


MaftyNavue said...

hahahaha... really a ninja work..
the color really nice..
(wait am I already said this?)

Anonymous said...


divinelight said...

cool, don't know the original gale though.


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