Monday, February 1, 2010

The Verdict is...

Looks like I will have to try to put on the clear stickers and the decals onto the TT Hongli MG 1/100 Strike Noir. I believe I will not have much problems with the clear stickers (if they stick) but the decals are a different story.

After actually opening the plastic bag of the decals, I found out that they are actually water transfer decals! Surprising! From what I can tell from Dalong's shots of the original Bandai one, it is supposed to come with dry transfer decals! OMG! Whether this will be a good thing or bad thing will be decided when I actually attempt putting them on... later today.

As I've said in the comments in the part 1 review, the earliest the review will come out will be on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Most probably be up by evening or night time. ^^;

So... stay tuned for the probably decal hell. XP


moemoekyun said...

so this mean that wet decal is cheaper than dry decal

Anonymous said...

I also have them in my MG Strike Freedom. There a similar set of sticker and water decal.

Stick them and I'll after you've successfully do them :D


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