Friday, February 12, 2010

Things of Note

Okay, time for another update... but not really an update for the blog.

For a while now, I've been chatting with some of the bloggers from my blogroll in this chat room. It is mostly active during the night time (M'sian/S'pore time, GMT +8). So, if any of you readers want to be poisoned into buying stuff from the dark side, have some crazy random chatting fun or whatever, come here!
This room is created by our dear friend Tsukinari who is also a M'sian blogger. If you haven't visited his blog, why don't you go there now? Be careful of the current WISP on the MG GN-X. XD

Besides that, if you have been paying attention lately, there was some crazy activity going on at my alternate blog on Wordpress. Do pay a visit and comment (if you can) when you see the feed on the top left gets updated once in a while. Currrently, the WIP for my Gale Strike Custom is there. Do read it up for some crazy random doings. >D

Okay, that's all for this very small and minor post. Please read the Unicorn Mode Review Part 2, if you haven't, to read a comic strip I did. Hope you all like it!

PS: Happy Chinese New Year! May all you can get ang-pau... get a lot! Buy buy buy! XD


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

haha...i'd survived the 1st round of randomness!!

MaftyNavue said...

@Zoidiect: the 2nd round will not that easy guys hahaha..

The dark invitation is already here.. >.<

chubbybots said...

Woah, I noticed you even put up your art work here on your blog now:D Cool ^^

Good job and telling ppl our nightly poisoning/henshin/fat burning session :D

Anonymous said...

don't do anything before rndm join the dark side :P

CD said...

@ZD: Haha. But how many rounds will you last?

@Mafty: Yes... よこそ。。。闇のサイドえ。

@chubbs: Haha, I guess most people don't looks to the left. XP

@moe: Still a long way to go. XD

divinelight said...

it's a day before CNY.
tomorrow it will be a busy day like every year.

CD said...

@divine:Never hurts to say it earlier. XP
Busy? You're having a open house?

Blogger said...

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