Friday, February 19, 2010

The Sims 3 - Big Family, Short Life & Architecture

When it comes to a game called "The Sims" I like to play it from an architectural point of view. To be completely honest, I wanted to be an architect when I was younger. Besides that, creating low budget homes and how to make sure it works out is a fun thing for me to do.

Sure, you can pump in the cheats and get a load of Simoleons coming in no problem but I find that boring (as you can get pretty much every stuff with all that cash). The only cheat I like to use is the "testingcheatsenabled true" whereby I can change some stuff on the fly like the needs but only when the Sim is in dire need of a quick assist from the hand of the player. For example, they are at work but their "hygiene" is low since I couldn't slot in a bath time for the said Sim.

The Sims is a simulation game whereby it simulates, well, real life and it is pretty interesting in doing so. It is not entirely similar to real life but it will be boring if the game is exactly like real life right? Would you like to control a character who wants to play a game who controls a character?

Well, I'm no expert on the game so I wouldn't say much further than that. ^^;

I just got the mood to play this game again recently after not touching since I got it a while ago. I technically don't like these kinds of games but some of the aspects of the game, especially building houses, makes me come back to play more. Anyways, here are some screenshots of the latest crazy thing I'm doing;

I call this the "beehive" design. Something I randomly cooked up on the spot.
What I really like about The Sims 3 is that putting objects in a diagonal position is much easier now! I don't need to use the console cheat to enable it for one thing. ^^;

The house from afar... looks like I forgot to paint one side of the roof space! My bad.

A large family indeed. The game limits to 8 people per household. I tell you one thing, it will take you more time and effort to manage a huge number like this especially in a low budget house!

This pathway actually got redundant right now since I took away the door as it blocks the sofa.

Adding a pond at the back was just some random add on but it lets the Sims fish in it! Furthermore, it is free! Free like the rest of the stuff outside the house. ^^

Another view of the house. Maybe I should have used a different roof... the house doesn't match the yard I made.

Usually, the Sims starts out almost hungry, tired and lack fun. I couldn't do much at the beginning and just let them have some shut eye first. XP

The morning starts and everyone wakes up almost the same time! Uh-oh!

After playing for a while...
Ah, reading together. What a nice family. =)

Grandpa and grandma sleeps so nice together. It's, how do yo say, lovely?

Note: Higher resolution screenshots for the last three because I found out my Radeon 9550SE can actually run it at that setting! It is sad to say all my graphic options are at the lowest settings. ^^;

The game can be pretty fun but also can be very boring. It all depends on your creativity and the limits of the game. Doing fun stuff, crazy stuff, weird stuff and many more, just do it if you want to!

Mostly, for me, I like to play them out experimenting with various house designs to see how cost effective I can be. Of course, as the Sims starts to earn more household cash, I'll tend to upgrade thing or two to make their lives better. Also, do note, I shrunk their lifespan to the lowest possible setting for speed play (though you'll probably not see that from the screenshots). I do have to say it is harder to make them live a great life but it's fun to try, no?

Okay, that's all for this non-Gunpla post. I might post some more if I still continue playing.


divinelight said...

I just took a glance in The Sims 2 in the past, don't really want to make myself confuse with so many real life aspect. I mean this game is sooooo complex... for me.

MaftyNavue said...

OMG.. the house design is like a bee's hive.. hahaha..

chubbybots said...

Hmm I can sure use this for my house renovation lol!! And test out what will happen with 2 naughty brats and a gunpla room !!!

Looks complicated but I like these sort of games :D I used to play games like caesar 3, civilisations ^^

Tsukinari said...

The Sims 3!!! its been a while since I play it.. ^^

nice house... and whoa 8 family member! lolz

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big player so i never tested Sim's. But i don't think it's the kind of game i would like. ^^

Anonymous said...

the only sims I played before is in nokia cellphone ng-gage or whatever forgot lol can't say anything

CD said...

@divine: It is rather complex but reading some info on it beforehand does indeed help. Experimenting around can also help which is more fun if you are the kind of person who do first, questions later. ^^

@Mafty: I think it is way better than the generic blocky design (though the generic design is more easier to manage). XD

@chubbs: If you do, try to make the Sims as close in personality to you and you "might get a glimpse of the future". XD
(If only there was a "hobby" that has "build model kits" like... Persona 4.)

@nari: After playing for a bit, my usual habit of making 3-4 people families get a lil' bit boring... so I went for the maximum. XP

@Lyli: Well, I do have to admit, this game isn't for everyone. ^^;

@moe: Which one? There's even one for The Sims 3 (for the phone which is pretty good from what I have heard).

Anonymous said...

the first sims at cellphone nokia n-cage very old


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