Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools & Random Life Stuff Take 2!

April Fools! But, seriously, didn't do anything worthwhile for this day. ^^;

Currently I'm in a friend's house for a chaotic club meeting full of pure raging laughter. :D

At any rate, here's a short blog post about some interesting things of note.

Warning: Low quality images due to only having my phone to take photos since I don't bring my camera around all the time.

I've Finally Kicked the Elite 4's Arse!
Pokemon Heart Gold~
The two dragon trainers near the end (Clair and Lance) were harder than I've remembered from when I fought them in the past. Not too bad though as I managed to win in the end. Should've just fought them with Raikou from the start of the battle than using the old and no more as effective use your starter to the end strategy. ^^;

At any rate, I just started the Kanto region but made barely any progress beyond the SS Aqua. Kinda playing Pokemon Diamond now. O.o

Neko~ In Da Open Cafeteria
When I was eating my lunch in the open cafeteria today, a hasty lunch since I wanted to read up a bit more before my small quiz later that afternoon, a cat passed by my feet. So cute! However, it was quite skinny. Still, cute. ^^

Five Layer Teh C Peng Special!

Nuff' said.

Can't really think right now... so that's all for now. XP


I just love this song!


heathorn said...

that teh C peng looks yummy!
what are the 5 layers?

CD said...

I sadly forgot to ask but they were kind a blend of two types of Teh C I've ever drank. Pretty nice too but can be a little sweeter than normal for some. ^^;

mangyver5223 said...

wow, what the I have Persian at my home.

Anonymous said...

WoW you caught Entei & Raiko at the early stage of the game,the cat look like a Tiger =X

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

ahh~kopi layer~haha i like it very much~ as for the 'layers' one of it is gula melaka

and that neko is nice =D

MaftyNavue said...

Uwah.. cute cat!! I want that!!

CD said...

@mangyver: It sure was. I have a few cats at my home too but most of them are stray cats that just came to our house. ^^

@kei: I chased after them right after they escaped from Burnt Tower. :3 Now in pursuit of Suicuine who requires chasing into Kanto... >.<

As for the cat, yeah, it does look like a tiger. I had one similar to it before but... T_T

@ZD: Yeah, one of it is surely gula Melaka. ^^
Neko is always nice unless it attacks j00. XD

@Mafty: It is a stray so... if you want, come and get it. XD

mangyver5223 said...

Treat the cats equally because it may 'help' u someday


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