Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GG LL-Drago (Lightning L-Drago) & GG RLeone (Rock Leone) Beyblade Review

RM14.90* EACH.
*Normal shop price, you might be able to find it cheaper though.
Unprecedented! A BEYBLADE review, here?! I wonder how many of you expected me to one day review such a thing? XD

On a fine Sunday afternoon, we went to Wisma Hopoh in search of Xbox 360 games as my plan to burn the ISOs myself didn't went smoothly (plus DL discs are almost priced the same as the pirated game discs anyways). We managed to get some, well a lot of games. I can't tell you how many genre of games was in the plastic bag that day and how empty my wallet was after that. (My sister picked most of the games and no, they are not something lame.)

After all that wallet burning, we went to the only viable restaurant there, KFC. Before I reached KFC, I spotted many TT Hongli Gunpla (all priced as usual and barely any good choices) and then... bootleg Metal Fight Beyblade Beyblades! I was like, totally surprised! Er, not that surprised actually. The price wasn't that good but considering how much I wanted them as well as some support from my sister, we bought em'. *wallet burns*

I did ever see some originals at a normal toy shop before but they were too pricey to buy normally. I mean, RM59.90 isn't cheap for something so small though it was a full set. Then again, this bootleg version isn't all that cheap anyways.
~deaita end~

Okay, enough boring story. Time for the review!

Those who do not know the existence of the latest Beyblade anime Metal Fight Beyblade may want to read up Wikipedia for a bit or, if your internet permits, watch on Youtube.

EDIT1: L-Drago is actually LL-Drago (Lightning L-Drago, L for Left). Sorry about that. ^^;
EDIT2: This Leone is actually the Rock Leone and not the normal Leone. Sorry about that. I'll just refer to it as Leone though.

Part 1D: Box
Some of the more direct bootleg packaging I've seen in a while. They simply copied the whole thing with some extremely minor changes (logo) and some parts look off. The overall print and box quality was pretty good though which makes it look more "original" or at least attempt to trick you that it is original.

Part 2D: Box Open!
Not as many parts as you would get from Gunpla but much easier to put together... if only there were some instructions included which sadly were not.

Part 3D: Accessories
A cool looking left spin shooter with a weird pulling gimmick... by string. You pull out the string to spin the Beyblade and let it go to return it to normal. It can be said to be pretty nice but it greatly limits the maximum spin on the Beyblade.

A grip for the launcher. Only comes together with the larger Beyblade sets. FYI, ifyou buy the bootlegs without this grip, they would cost you RM9.90 each while an original was RM39.90 IIRC. All prices quoted are normal shop price and you might find them cheaper.

A point card is also given and it looks and feels almost as if it is the authentic deal! This was one of the biggest surprise of this bootleg. The card feels great.

The card can slot in and out no problem at all which is a good thing.

The grip connects to the launcher very well. The lock works but I'm pretty sure you should be careful when closing and opening it as it feels not so strong.

The plastic on the grip and launcher doesn't feel that cheap actually but not all that original either. I give it my praises nonetheless.

Part 4D: Beyblade
From left to right; Face, Clear Wheel, Metal Wheel, Track, Bottom. Also comes with a "screwdriver"-like tool to screw Face and a sticker sheet that barely works. Oddly enough, it comes with two tracks. Ah, the good thing about bootlegs, potential extra parts.

The completed Beyblade but my construction at this point wasn't all that right since there weren't any instructions. For one thing, the bottom should be turned.

Unfortunately, it fits very loosely onto the left spin launcher and you need some effort to make it stick on long enough to shoot.

Part 5D: Action!
Took my old cheap stadium to test run it. At first it split into pieces due to bad construction (my bad) but after some tightening with the screwdriver thing it works pretty well and feels quite solid. The movement of the Beyblade was rather limited due to the limitation of the launcher it comes with as it goes to the middle of the stadium pretty fast and runs out of spin shortly after.

Part 6D: Extra
One side for the Face and the other for the Bottom. Works well but make sure you don't get it stuck.

Never hurts to have an extra.

Part 1L: Box
Copy and paste as well here sans the company logo of course.

Part 2L: Box Open!
Oh hey, what's this?

Part 3L: Accessories
Two point cards!

A more traditional right spin launcher and rip cord. I hope the rip cord can last long though since bootleg plastic aren't the best things in the world unfortunately.

Part 4L: Beyblade
Two bottoms?! One is made of metal (or platted)! Very, very nice! Construction for the Leone was easier than LL-Drago since I've already did it once and that the stickers are way less and comes off well. FYI, the stickers can stick nicely for both the Beyblades in this review. The only problem that can occur is whether they are cut properly or not...

Haven't turned the Bottom here actually. ^^;

Fits nicely onto the launcher. Actually, the LL-Drago also fits nicely onto this launcher.

Part 5L: Action!
Similar to the Drigger Beyblade of the past, Leone shows similar movements. More on that later.

Part 6L: Extra

Part 7: 3 2 1 GO SHOOT!

Watch video for some metal hitting each other. XD

Part 8: Verdict
After playing with them a bit, I finally found out the right way, presumably, to put them together properly.

  • Good plastic quality
  • Quite accurate to original
  • Platted/Metal parts
  • Extra parts
  • Pricey @ RM14.90
  • No instructions sheet
  • Loose launcher (LL-Drago)
  • Stickers hard to pull out (LL-Drago)
Overall, the bootleg Beyblades are pretty good except you need to have some previous knowledge of Beyblade or trial and error methods to build them. It was a rather impulsive buy on my part but the actual product once in my hands was actually quite good. Not much effort is needed to build them since there is a tool to help tighten the parts included as well. However, I presume the original will be more easier build.

LL-Drago was pretty disappointing but Leone was good. I guess the "cats" make pretty nice Beyblades in real life since I remember my Drigger was pretty "strong" too.

I'm not sure how an actual real life Beyblade battle should go about except aiming them to fight each other at the center of the stadium. If there is a more "real" way, please do tell me and I might try. XP

That's all for now. Until the next post! :D


Chris said...

Do you know the attributes (attack, defense, stamina, balanced) of these Beyblades?

My first Beyblade is a Driger and I loved it too. Too bad it was damaged rather quickly due to constant battles.
I never liked attack types. They are like suicidal Beyblades, just go in full power and waste all of its spinning momentum.

Maybe I'll get one or two and try too. ^^

CD said...

Red - Attack
Blue - Defense
Green - Endurance
According to the star ratings given.
(Just see the the closeup for the number of stars for each attributes.)
But I don't really trust the ratings that much though and just get whatever type that catches my fancy (typically the main ones though). ^^;

Too bad Pegasis wasn't available at that time actually or else I would've gotten it instead or also. XP

Haha, my Drigger F (my first IIRC) got wasted real fast. It spins so fast that it will fly out of the stadium most of the time if you pull the rip cord just a wee bit harder. It was a bootleg too and was a pretty light one in fact. Thin plastic and thin metal didn't bode well for its longevity though.

You should. If you can spend the extra $ maybe you'd like to try out the original ones? :O

Chris said...

It's a coincidence then. My first Beyblade is Driger F too, even though mine was original. Got it at Hopoh top floor. The base was the first to break.

My all time favourite original Beyblade is Driger Metal Slash. It's small and pretty heavy for its size. I love how compact everything is. But again, I abused it too much in battles and it's broken too. I don't think I'll ever find any Metal Fight series that can be compared with this.

SoujiShinogane said...

eh eh?why suddenly review beyblade??
BTW,mine one is gone..:(

chubbybots said...

Wow this is really what i call a random post from you lol! Beyblade!

I do watch the anime though but I don't really dig the toys though haha.

Tom said...

I havent bought a beyblade in like years... maybe i'm not looking hard enough in stores here in the US...^^'

CD said...

@Liang: Since I happened to stumbled across it and bought it, might as well spread the word. XP
That and I happen to like Beyblades as well (if you're wondering, I also like mini 4WDs).

@chubbs: Hence, the opening statement of this post. XD

I see I see. Beyblades can be pretty fun when you have another person to play with which I do have though. ^^ Then again, metal clashing with each other can get pretty dull quite fast (since there is no way you can do those awesome moves on screen).

@Tom: Same here. Haven't bought them in years but after watching the latest Beyblade anime, Metal Fight Beyblade, I was in the mood again. I wanted to get an original actually but it was quite pricey and then I saw these last week and jump into the bandwagon. XP

David John Shewsbury said...

Wow, a very detailed review you have here, brilliant absolutely brilliant... this thing is sure fun...

Chris said...

I just got myself a bootleg too to try. It says Mirage Virgo on the box but the katanakana insists its name is Flame Saggitario. ^^;

While your Drago is balance and Leone is Defense type (if I see correctly), mine is Endurance type.

So far, after a few battles, the Beyblade itself is still in good condition (except for the stickers) but the launcher is pretty disappointing. Mine is like your Leone's launcher, but it's so loose that the Beyblade launched is wobbly.

Maybe we can duel sometime. ^^

CD said...

@David: Thanks. ^^

@Chris: Wah, you did. Same brand and price?

Hm, so the launcher isn't so snug on yours. I guess it varies from Beyblade to Beyblade like the older bootlegs since they aren't QC'd properly. ^^;

Heh, if we can meet up maybe we can. :)

Chris said...

Yep, same brand GG, but RM1 less, RM13.90. Bought it at 3rd mile Life bookstore.
There are those without the grip launchers that go for RM9+ too.

Haha, I guess it would be weird if we want to duel, one of us will have to bring his stadium, and mine is pretty beat up (since it's the only one I played with all along).

Chris said...

You may have gotten past playing Beyblade now but I have done further research on this Metal Fight series.

The number on the box represents the height of the track. And the last initials stand for the type of base. Like say, 145FS means height: 145, Base: Flat Sharp.

I've confirmed my first to be Earth Virgo, not Sagittario.

In addition, I just got 2 new ones today, Rock Leone like yours and Dark Bull. Dark Bull is said to be the heaviest uncustomized. Its track features horns like a bull.

But after just a few fights, the 'bull horns' are broken by Rock Leone due to it being long and thin. Nevertheless, it still has a good part which is the semi defense base.

Rock Leone's Wide Ball and Semi-Defense base are said to be the best defensive bottom. Denfense and Wide Defense have shown to have their own weaknesses. My battle results show that Wide Ball is slightly better than Semi-defense with a 60-40 win ratio.

CD said...

Wah, you read up more about it. Thanks for the info. I honestly didn't know that before you told me. XP

I'm not really past playing it since I've only got two to play right now so there isn't really a point for the same two to fight each other as it will get dull really fast. ^^; Well, gaming is my priority or best I say my mood to do currently.

Hm, did you buy the original ones for your later purchases? If you did, where and how much? Then again, I believe they'd be of the usual price range though.

Chris said...

Nay, I just got mine from 3rd mile bookshop as usual. I go there every Saturday morning anyway. ^^

Another info: The initials before the numbers are for the track, example: GB145BS is Gravity Bowl track, height 145 Ball sharp.

I'm planning to get a few more this coming weekend. I have yet to get my own star sign, Gemini. ^^

Oh, and Capricorne is a fun one, I heard. Its base is not at the center so when it spins, it hops around the ring. XD

CD said...

I see, I see. Maybe I should get Taurus AKA Dark Bull for myself then since my star sign is Taurus. XP

I just saw the episode where they showed the jumping Capricorn in the anime. If it really jumps in real life... that would really be an interesting sight. Now I feel like I want to get it to see it with my own eyes. Haha.

Chris said...

Dark Bull is a good Defense Beyblade, so I recommend it. Just that... you know, be careful with its track. Change it with another one if you don't want it to break.

Haha, Capricorn really does jump in real life. I saw the Youtube video before of people trying it. It's a M145Q (Move, 145 Quake). You can shift its track to see different movements.

Here's how it keep jumping in battle and failed terribly (M145 inner position, Q outer position):

And here, the player changed the position of the track for an effective fight (M145 inner position, Q inner position):

Anonymous said...

hey i bought bootleg beyblade it work perfectly but when i used the launcher the string wont go back does this happen to you i bought a gravity Perseus

CD said...

@Anon: My works fine, just that the "power" output isn't all that great. ^^;

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