Saturday, June 25, 2011

Filler: Evening Drive Out

I don't drive enough even though I've obtained my license a little over 2 years ago. Thus, today, I decided to go out to "un-rust" myself with the better vehicle in the house. After driving the Toyota, I feel like the Proton(s) I used to drive were, well, crap comparatively. At any rate, I should drive more often. For the benefit of my moving freedom that is. :P
I hope to get a car soon, even if it'll be the new secondary family car at that point. With that possibility, I'll be given a few driving responsibilities. Still a while for that to happen however.

I'll be doing the water-slide decals on the Hi-Nu Gundoom tomorrow if I'm not too busy. There isn't any decal instruction as far as I've looked through the manual so I'll have to be creative for most of it. The only one I'm sure where to put is the Amuro Ray insignia. XP

Thought I could filter through the 705 shots I took of her, yes 705 shots. I'll see if I can do that successfully tomorrow. O.o I'll be posting her review over at the WP blog due to the possible length as it is my first Figma review and all. Can't think of an omake at the moment. Lacking proper hentai character... should I make Unicorn fish again? :P

That's all for this filler post. More coming up in the next one, hopefully tomorrow. Tired~


Chris said...

"...705 shots..."
Okay, that's impressive...

"Lacking proper hentai character..."

CD said...

I need someone to act/be hentai and get "shot down" in a way. :P

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

forgot who said it, but hi-nu gundoom's decal is just a resized MG hi-nu decals. so some might can be used. so far i think it be troublesome to put the funnel decals as the decals are larger than the space on the funnels

Tom said...

Why must you continue Unicorn's suffering with women? XD

Gundam Gunso said...

Looking forward to your Hi-v Gundoom's decaling...


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