Wednesday, June 22, 2011

McModel HG 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom Review - Part 1

This will be a long review as evident as it is for me to post another review over on my WP blog instead. Took me a while to build it due to events popping out left and right. To this very moment of typing this part, I haven’t put on the decals for the Gundoom. Before continuing on, some explanations are in order.

McModel (Model Comprehend) is a China based company. The kits they make can be considered a bootleg yet not so. They are model kits of resin kits for certain Gundams made prior. As such, they aren’t official or anything. There is some copyright issue on that but I wouldn’t want to debate on it. So, please, don’t thrash it because of the kit’s bootleg status as I shall review it as a kit. For this particular Gundoom, it is based on this resin kit.

I bought the kit from Heng Kim Trading for about RM11X. Not as cheap as other sources but I decided to support the local shop on this one as well as keeping my reservation promise. IIRC, you can get it as low as RM80 from certain forums which directly challenges the price of a Bandai HGUC 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam which can be obtained at about the same price range. As such, it can be summarized that, the McModel and Bandai HG of this particular Gundam are “priced the same“.

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Gundam Gunso said...

The quality of the kit speaks for itself, regardless whether bootleg or not. I totally support this kit!


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