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HG 1/144 Seravee Gundam GNHW/B Review - Part 1

Price: 1800 Yen

Bought this a long while already but only decided to build it quite recently - during the Kyan!me 2011 event as a live build. I didn't complete the whole kit there but built the Seravee Gundam finish there nonetheless (and dragged out my Seraphim Gundam to accompany it as I was too lazy to build the dummy at that point).

As for the live build, I was shaking at first as it was the first time I did this in public. There weren't many people on the first day as it was still a weekday so not much pressure was on me then. Gotta give my hats off to Fabian who build a total of three kits (IIRC) during the event, MGs some more.

GN-008GNHW/B - Seravee Gundam GNHW/B (GN Heavy Weapon Spec B)
Pilot: Tieria Erde
Height: 18.2m
Weight: 67.2t
Armaments: GN Bazooka II, GN Cannon (4), GN Beam Saber (6), GN Beam Cannon (2), GN Field/Barrier
Interesting fact about Seravee/Seraphim is that the beam sabers are insert in the arm guard so they can be pulled out rather fast. I think it is most advantageous for such a bulky suit.

PS: Reading the review on my HG Seraphim Gundam is advisable.

Part 1: Box
FYI, I bought the kit on discount as I don't like Tieria's Gundams as much as the others. ^^;
Nonetheless, I quite like it after assembling it though, oddly enough. Then again, it is easy for me to grow to like most stuff I don't like initially.

Part 2: Runners & Manual
I think I snapped some shots of this part, will add them later on if I did. ^^;

Part 3: Building Process
Note: As usual, I painted the clear parts first. I'm sure I took a photo of it before but I'll need to dig it out as it isn't with me at the moment. I painted the clear parts using unshaken metallic Gundam markers. As long as you don't shake them completely, they will not mix with the solid silver thoroughly and produce a translucent color.

Part 3.1: Torso
Not much for the torso. Most of the bulk here goes to the Seraphim unit later on. If you didn't know, the GN Drive belongs on the Seraphim and not the Seravee. The added bulk on it allows more condensers in it to allow simultaneous use of Seraphim and Seravee.

Part 3.2: Head
Painted the forehead crystal before cutting it out. Sharpened the V-Fin as well. The horns don't need sharpening oddly enough.

Seravee has a rather fierce face, no?

Part 3.3: Arms
Forgot to put the clear piece in the large shot. Hard to do it properly when you're doing it in public. ^^;

The GNHW/B parts of the Seravee needs lots of paint. I skimped on the yellow since the part is inside the GN Field Generator. If you were to detail it with paint completely, prepare lots of gray and yellow.
I was particularly surprised how well the arm can bend though. o.o

Part 3.4: Legs
That was a heck lot of parts for just the legs!

Forgot to put the ankle parts into the shot. >_>

Used the wrong polycap in the shot. 1 and 7 almost looked completely the same to me.

Way more articulation points than Virtue ever had. Lots of gray is required here as well.

Part 3.5: Waist

Painted the waist GN Beam Cannons using my friend's paint marker... It didn't work out so well as the paint came out completely bubbly. Luckily the detailing is inside. I also decided not to paint the inner part gray due to it being difficult to do in the public.

There is no moving parts here except for the ball joint.

Looks okay from a distance. The opening gimmick isn't so well put as the GN Field Generator though. You'll most like pull it out completely most of the time.

Part 3.6: GN Beam Submachinegun (Seraphim Use)
Simple, yet effective.

Part 3.7: GN Bazooka II
As the series progresses, Tieria keeps on getting weapons closer to Wing Zero especially with Raphael. Not that I should complain as clearing the area is his Gundams' roles. As seen from the photos, the GN Bazooka II can easily connect to become a single piece which is harder to hold up of course.

I stopped at the above part for my live build and continued the rest at home. I thank Sarawak Gunpla Meisters (SGM) for the experience, Souji for his 0.05 lining marker, Zharif for his yellow marker and Fabian for his company during the event. :)

Part 3.8: Dummy Seraphim
Lots of large parts here. Those who bought the first release will notice the obvious silhouette of a Gundam here. Most thought the head would be the Gundam face chest though just like Gurren Lagann but it wasn't so. :P

Not really obvious but I gave it a few layers from the Gundam marker metallic green.

I only painted the yellow vents on the legs as I won't be using this dummy unit since I already have the complete Seraphim. I still built it for completion's sake nonetheless.

Just slide down and spread the V-Fins for a surprise. XD

The GNHW/B GN Cannon for the Seraphim. Lots of gray is needed here. I needn't say it but the clear green piece is painted beforehand, as usual.
Note: The cannon piece is interchangeable with the complete Seraphim. Use it if you want to use the "cannon arm" as the actual kit doesn't come with a clear piece there.

Even if it is just a dummy unit, it has more movement than I think necessary. Makes it even more obvious, before it was officially shown on screen, that it is an entire unit at the back there.

Part 3.9: Armed Seraphim (Backpack Mode)
Some part update for Seraphim to become Armed. Only the dark blue parts needs to be taken from the dummy.

The shoulder needs to pop in an extra connector to make it work out. If you have already built the Seraphim, like me, you'll have to take the arm apart a little.

Without and with the GN Beam Cannon at the hips. There's something I'd like to note about this. Read on.

I felt that it would be better to cut the ball joint off the Seravee if I were to leave the hip cannons on the Seraphim. It cannot go into both the holes as the width of the Seraphim and Seravee and not the same.

Part 4: Comparisons Between Actual & Dummy
Dummy on left, actual on right.
Quite close, no? Too bad it isn't all in one in the first place... as usual Bandai wants you to buy two kits in the HG line (or if you want the least popular one set Trans-AM version that doesn't come in GNHW flavors). The actual Seraphim doesn't come with an actual "cannon arm" clear part so part swapping from the dummy is recommended. Note that the actual unit has been upgraded with the connectors from the GNHW just now.

Part 5: Armed Seraphim (Backpack Mode)

Part 6: Some "Mishaps"

Part 7: Some Early shots Before Part 2 of the Review
Full out guns ablazing. I wish there is another set of Seraphim hands instead of having to buy TWO Seraphims...

00 Gundam Seven Sword/G joins in the GNHW shot. Too bad I don't really have the GNHW Arios and Cherudim (which mine are from Gao Gao).

That's all for now. More when part 2 comes around.


Anonymous said...

I have my way to convert it back to the normal version of Seravee. I really love this kit though it's not really my favourite Gundam.

Khaidir said...

NICE! lOL for the last pic ... blue black Tri Stars XDD .

Anonymous said...

I can't unsee the mishap part....

The final shots, guns ablazin'. =D

Zeon_Two_Six said...

Comment on part 6 pics:

Pic 1: Seravee turned into that buff villain from Yu Yu Hakusho... XD

Pic 2: Is that a Ganmen? XD

CD said...

@Wen: All de parts are there so there isn't a problem switching it back to the normal Seravee for those who buy this version. ;)

@Khaidir: Not close enough though. :P

@bd: Fufufu~

@Zeon: ROFL

Setsuna F. Seiei said...

what paint you use for the forehead piece?

CD said...

@Setsuna: Scroll up to the start of the building process part. I stated that I used "unshaken metallic Gundam marker" or at least a partially shaken one as to get the translucent paint only (without it mixing properly with the solid silver).
To be specific I used the Sangokuden Gundam marker Meta Red for the forehead crystal and Meta Green for the orbs.

Will Elfier said...

umm. sorry i didn't read it properly, thanks


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