Thursday, June 23, 2011

HGFC 1/144 Nobell Gundam [Berserk Mode]

September 2011 Release
Price: 1500 Yen
Source: GundamGuy

Look at this, Bandai is on a variation roll! Not just any plain ol' variations, variations that SELL. Thanks a lot for the tight month Bandai, thanks a bunch.

Looking at the early mold so far, looks like we're getting another one piece hair. Other than that, a standard beam saber. So, does that mean we won't be getting the beam ribbons anymore or we get both the beam ribbons and beam sabers? That would be great.

That's all for now. Nobell fans, get or no get Berserk Mode?


Gundam Gunso said...

Of course berserk mode is good! SHows that the Nobell GUndam is not a pushover XD

Evaritus Lau said...

Nobel in Berserk = I RIKE.

hiroy_raind said...

If my wallet allows me, it's a get.


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