Monday, June 13, 2011

Kyan!me 2011 Ends, Age of a New Gundam

Phew, the weekend went by quickly than I thought but I'm very tired after spending most of my Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Hills for the Kyan!me 2011. The event was alright but quite a number of hiccups happened throughout the event which the MCs had to apologize heavily to the audience most of the time. I'll talk about that more once I upload the videos over at Youtube. (FB side is almost done.)


Gundam AGE.

Let's talk about Gundam AGE. More about it at GundamGuy, as usual. And thanks to Tsukinari as well for poisoning me with Gundam AGE-1. Credits to both of them for posting material as well.

As far as the promotional video of the series, I like it. You can argue about the "aliens" AKA UE but from how they have shown to act, they could be not what we thought exactly or could be. Who knows?

Technically speaking, the main purpose of "Gundam" is to end wars as what the various series have shown. In a forceful way, you can say it is to end war by winning it. Otherwise, even with introducing non-human enemies, it can still be Gundam as the main character, Frite, wants to end the war after loss of his mother.

It has a more "childish" feeling to in terms of design. That I can admit but we'll see how that fare when we see it in full motion when the anime hits in October later this year.

This is also the first time a Gundam "can grow" but that can be attributed to what Gundam 00 shown to us in its final moments. Even machines can "grow". How the story explains that, in a more logical explanation, is yet unknown. It may not be as far fetched as some may think. But that could just me being accepting of the new Gundam series.

About the merchandises (card games, etc) and slew of model kits coming out for the main Gundam (AG, HG, GB, MG and MZ), please don't take it too hard. You're not in any way or form being forced to get them at all. Some may be tempting, like the Mega Size 1/48 Gundam AGE-1... @.@

In a way, the whole series is being targeted at a younger audience... or is it? What has Tomino shown us in the past for a "Children's toy commercial"? More may meet the eye. If I were you, I stay tune for until the series starts and leave any negative initial impressions on the low for a while. Well, I can say I'm loving the design of the Gundam AGE-1 so far. The model kit sealed the deal for me. ^^;

So what are your thoughts? Or will you wait before you say something?


Fab said...

Gundam AGE. The name itself already implied that the machine can "grow" or "age", I'll just wait and see.

But I like the sleek design of the new Gundam though.

Chris said...

The Mega size model. It looks like RX-78-2!
With Kanetake Ebikawa's involvement, it's a mix of design between RX-78-2 and 00. Looks like they're sticking to the design that every fan will surely grow to love.

Gundam Gunso said...

I do agree that the design of the chracters are quite childish on the sense. But from what the promotional video shows, the storyline may not be that childish as it seems. Really have to wait for the anime to find out. XD

Marzz said...

I am looking forward to this actually, after the PV. It's another Gundam show!

Tom said...

I'm going to wait and watch the show. If they ever make a 1/100 or MG version of the dragon mecha, I'm all over that.

chubbybots said...

After my experience with Gundam 00 i learn never to judge the show early. I didn't really like the designs for Gundam 00 initially but after that it turned out that this show is my favorite ^^.


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