Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MG/SD 00 Gundam 7 Sword/G

September 2011 Release
Price - MG: 5500 Yen, SD: 800 Yen
Source: GundamGuy

FFFF YES! It is G some more! So it will or at least should come with the yet un-shown GN Sword II Blaster. Sadly, considering my current savings route, I think I'll settle with the SD first. :P
Looking at the photos, I do hope the MG can hold the GN Buster Sword up later on considering how heavy it will be, especially when the HG has issues (after a while, it holds it up gloriously freshly built). I'm hoping for an inclusion of an action base like the MG Astray Blue/Red Frame for it here. The sparkle action base won't hurt Bandai. ;)

I have nothing else to say except I feel glad that I decided to skip the MG 00 Raiser (due to saving purposes but still). :D

Oh yeah, Gundam AGE-1 is released around the same time. >.<
Wallet: I can't perform that many miracles bub.
Me: Oh darn.

EDIT (Saw Tsukinari's blog post got updated so I'll update mine as well. ^^;)
There, a shot at the GN Sword II Blaster! The MG 007SG can also hold the large GN buster Sword, with two hands, without the need of a support! As far as the promo shot tells. There goes the idea of anincluded action base like the MG AB/RF. ^^;

Also... is that the the GN Katar being able to connect to the GN Drives besides just the legs? Oh snaps, that makes having TWO MG 007SG worthwhile now. o.o

*Calculates possibility of having 5500 Yen *2 by the time it comes around locally.*


Tsukinari said...

lol I just post on same thing few mins ago lolol...

yes I'm glad its /G! XD cant wait for quad Gundam 00 lead MG build LOL

Tom said...

More wallet raping from Bandai! lol...

Luffy d Munkey said...

damn, now september seems so far away

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

dat sd 007sg


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