Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Life Now and Ahead

So, after the SPM results came out, it was time, to go look for a higher learning institute, either a college or university(WTF is the difference anyways?).

I had four options. Swinburne(close by), UiTM(Universiti Teknologi MARA), Matrix or Form 6. I threw Form 6 out the window since last year, since I do not want to go back to my previous school again. No I don't hate it, I just feel reluctant to continue my studies there.

Matrix is an oddball, not wanting to wait until the government give out a proper invitation(already registered BTW) which may never come or come but may not be able to get a proper course later on, so I threw it out also. But it is still an option, just that, well continue reading.

UiTM... well I kinda okay with this place, even though it is a Bumiputera only place. I already registered for this place through the online IPTA registration and left it as a secondary option if the following option fails.

Swinburne, my mother picked this place, well preferred. I also like it, though feeling a bit expensive, being a private institution after all. Well, if I go to MARA for example, I'll still have to pay a hefty price, especially some of my ideal courses have to be take outside my hometown. Home rental isn't cheap ya know. Best of all, most of our SMK Batu Lintang buddies are going here! OMG! Looks like I'll be seeing my friends, like, throughout my studies. Yay~ ^^

Well, I have two courses in mind, Foundation in Business or Foundation in Engineering. In the end, I picked Accountancy, because the best engineering course with a good job opportunity is Civil, and I do not want it(probably suffer afterward if take this one). For engineering, I would much prefer Mechanical, Robotics/Mechatronics or Electrical as I have fond interests in them, being a Gundam/tech obsessed person after all. =/

There are also Diploma courses which is more "straight" and less stressful looking as compared to Foundation, but it take 2 more years of my life, but of course, it's less stressful. In the end, my mother "persuaded"(not really, just gave some tips) me and taking Foundation is a better option(UiTM does not have Foundation BTW).

But of course, it seems like I can go for almost anything because my interests can broaden so much more than an average Joe(I think), I just don't seem to hate anything(I don't hate Bio subjects(or anything requiring mostly memorizing), it's just that I can't remember so many things, so I "crap" at it. I do like them in small amounts for some bits of general knowledge especially.).

Behold! The wide variety of interests in me~! Sorry my artistic is a bit weaker than the rest, because most of the artistic questions were related to music playing and performing, which I don't do and don't plan to do. =X

Of course, it is a computer generated test, so it may be wrong. XP But, who knows, eh?

Well, at any rate, registration and orientation will start this very week at Swinburne, so I'll be very busy this week. Furthermore, next week, school starts in Swinburne, so there goes my free time and most of my time to "play around"(as in build, pose, paint, photo shooting) with my Gunpla... damnit. Oh well, studies before hobbies.

Very sorry if this post is a bit jumbled up because I'm just typing it out without thinking much. More over, I have my JPJ driving test tomorrow, so I'll have to try my best to sleep early and during the exam tomorrow. Damn my insomniac-ness. Wish me luck!

PS: So, my Batu Lintang school buddies, where are you going? IPTA, IPTS, Matrix or Form 6? Maybe even overseas(BK don't have to say, I already know. =P)?


HOO YIK YANG said...

[blog post readed]

T_T wish you good luck

happy always too :D

CD said...

Yeah, I'm mostly "positive"~ ^^

And, thanks.


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