Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Driving, Finale! School Starts Next Week...

*builds a free gift Gundam from recently bought magazine(it was really simple to build, can't even pose...)*

So, I passed my JPJ driving test today(nearly full marks, but whatever...) and now eligible to get a P license(hafta wait for the card for now...)! Yay~! I now can drive! Well, maybe not as good as my father or mother, but I can~ I might drive a bit fast though, blame those racing games I played since primary school. XD

Also, today, I'm officially registered to Swinburne, taking the Swinburne Foundation Studies(Business) course... Though, I wish there was something like "double foundation" because I would like to take Engineering as well. XD But I guess that's impossible, time-wise and money-wise, since one course is already oh so expensive.

Anyways, there's orientation at Swinburne this Friday and Saturday, with a telematch on Saturday. My father says I should do something during that time, though I probably won't... but who knows? It may be very fun. >.>

Looks like tomorrow and the day after may be my only really free time left for a while, unless homework is not that many in Foundation(as if, I must be dreaming...). =/

Ah well, that's all for now. If possible, I might put up a little smidget on the Gunpla I have built and well, painted(only one is painted so far, experimentation mostly). Hehe.


HOO YIK YANG said...

[blog post readed]

best lor u..
i din drive more than one year
got licen

good luck ;)

CD said...

No lar. I just practice, practice my driving a lot during "latihan" until get timings right. >>

You should drive once in a while, so that you won't be rusty when you drive in the future. ^^

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