Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPM Results Are Today!


I was quite happy today, since the SPM results I got were kinda out of my initial prediction of 6As. I even got an A for BM! OMG! All in all, I got 5 1As, 3 2As and 3 3Bs. Hope you all can read that right.

1As for; English(but 3B International...), Maths, Add Maths, Prinsip Perakaunan(additional subject) and Physics

2As for; Bahasa Malaysia, Chemistry and English for Science and Technology(EST)

3Bs for; Moral, History and Biology(my 3 worst subjects actually)

Pretty satisfying but the 3Bs are sooooooooooo close to an A. Bleh. >>

*the rest of the paragraph here mysteriously disappeared...* WTF?


HOO YIK YANG said...

nice result T_T i am the worse one, i am your new blog visitor^^,

CD said...

Hello new visitor! ^^

C'mon la, what was your result, cannot be that bad one bo. =)

Anonymous said...

swt. i wan cry


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