Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Month's Haul(March 2009)...

Ah, yes, I decided to show you all what I've bought LATE last month and just today. No, I AM NOT rich, is just that is part of my savings since primary school(mixed with some current allowance, I cut down on other things...) that I've been saving up for when I'm older and have something I want to buy. Well, maybe not the late February one though... ^^;

Anyways, late February I decided to try to buy things online through the Lowyat forums, the Garage Sales forum. Of course, when you do such a thing, you need to check the seller's history and reliability beforehand, which I did for about a week before deciding to buy something from a certain nice seller. I only bought two Gunpla, a limited edition/special edition HG 1/144 Gundam Exia Expo Edition(metallic colors) and the somehow suddenly liked MG 1/100 Force Impulse Gundam. Woo~

It took a while to reach me since the seller lived in Peninsular Malaysia after all. It took longer than it was supposed to because somehow Pos Malaysia didn't really like my vague house address so I had to go there personally(on the 1st of March)... they did not have problems with my mail though, it was weird, but problem solved anyways. All in all, the Gunpla came in good condition and nothing was broken. Satisfied here.

On the way back, I decided to go to a local shop to buy a dedicated Gunpla cutter because I felt my current tools are not suitable and may cause unnecessary damage to my Gunpla during building. Sadly, they ran out of cutters and I have to buy a tool set instead which made it go slightly above budget... x.x At the same time, I bought a HG 1/144 GN-X too, since I felt I needed something not too expensive like the two Gunplas I just received through post to try on as well as GN-Xs are cool. Reviews for these to come later though, haven't took enough review material pictures of them, though I already finished building them with satisfying results due to the better tools in hand.

My hands were itchy that day and I built the GN-X AND Gundam Exia. The metallic silver plating of the Exia was not a fun place to cut FYI. I built the Force Impulse later on...

My current tools. Gundam 00 Second Marker Set, Gunpla tool set, a cheap knife and a CD label marker which I used for some lining experimentation on one of my model kits...(might tell you which and how it looks like later, but I don't think it will be liked very much as the lines look quite thick)

Today, while fetching my sister back from school, I decided to go to the local shop once again to buy three HG Gunplas. Yes, all HG, since buying these Gunpla were slightly out of planned budget also. But I digress, there were being sold at the old price, which is very attractive due to the current Yen to Ringgit exchange rates. Let's say the new price, it would have been RM10 more, EACH. That would hurt me a lot in the future(the proper budget plan to buy them actually). Due to the increasing Yen to Ringgit exchange rate, I wonder if I picked a terrible time to get into Gunpla? Of course, if I can get some of my next Gunplas at their old prices, maybe it would not be so bad, but it totally depends on my future budget, since education must come first... For now...

Today's haul, I wonder if I should hit myself on the head for not getting the Dynames while I was in KL with the 20% discount and all(but then again, we did not have much space to bring any more Gunpla at that time, so...)

A Gundam Marker, Metallic Silver. I bought this for the Gundam Exia Expo Edition, to throw away the white nub marks of the metallic plating. Hopefully it works out and then maybe I'll type out a proper review for it. ^^;

I bought the GN-X III A-Laws Type since my sister wanted it, since she likes red. >>
Dynames, well, it is a sniping mobile suit that can 1-hit KO a standard mobile suite from afar, what is there not to like?
For the AHEAD, I already built it, took me about 2 hours, with some distractions in between(I made some small mistakes during assembling, nothing too serious though, phew). I will type out a review on it later or tomorrow, depends if I'll have the time to do so(I already took some pictures, so yeah).

Well, that's all for now. Hope for the best to all who sat for SPM last year for the 12th of this month(2 more days >>) of when the results will be posted. ^^

EDIT; For those who do not buy Gunpla, you may get confused reading some of my reviews, so here's some notes(some I already typed earlier, but for convenience's sake, I'll just type a new one).

Gunpla(Gundam Plastic Models) comes in various grades and scales. The quality, detail, pose-ability/articulation and sturdiness depends on the grade, not the scale, normally. So, don't think the bigger it is, the better, it all depends on the grade. I typed the following according to grade as it goes up.

FG(First Grade) - 1/144 scale(basic poses, but better than NG 1/144s)
NG(No Grade) - 1/144 scale(mostly SEED series had this, very basic poses), 1/100 scale(common), 1/60 scale(quite uncommon, limited to main character suits, can also be considered as limited editions)
HG(High Grade) - 1/144 scale(most of them come in this scale), there were some 1/100 scales before...(rare, I think Wing only had it)
MG(Master Grade) - 1/100 scale, comes with inner skeleton
PG(Perfect Grade) - 1/60 scale, very expensive and detailed, you better be skilled before you ever think of touching this one...

Scale notes: 1/144 is about 12cm, 1/100 is about 18cm and 1/60 is about 30cm. The heights differs from Gundam to Gundam depending on their set height in the story/profile. That's about it. Yeah, 1/144s are pretty small and cute. XD


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