Monday, March 23, 2009

Swinburne Orientation for March Intake, Part 1

After a few days full of busy, chance meetings and making new friends in real life, I finally decided/able to post a blog post, though probably not within too much detail.


On the fine Friday of last week(20/03/09), the first day orientation at Swinburne started for March newcomers. To my surprise, most of my classmates were enrolled in Foundation Studies of Business, freaky. While in another long term, most of my longer known friends mostly took Foundation Studies in Engineering. Ah, if only I could take both. Currently, I'm thinking of getting an extra subject(they say it is possible), though only if it's free of charge or not so expensive/reasonable pricing.

I reached there early in the morning, about 7.30AM since my mother wanted to avoid heavy traffic. There were barely anyone around at that time and the campus feels warm as the air conditioner was not turned on as of yet. I was required to go to block G(behind the main blocks).

Before the orientation started, I went on a stroll nearby block G as I did not want tot wander too far away. Moreover, there wasn't anybody for me to talk to as of yet.

Not really sure how to call this, but it looks nice. It happens to be right in front of block G.

The rear side of the main block, I think block B. Really tall and quite huge if you ask me.

An outside corridor. I was walking back to block G(right).

One of the cafeteria in the campus. Right behind block G, you can't miss it. There is also Chili Peppers behind this cafeteria, which takes just a short walk away.

Outdoor cafeteria!

After that, I went back to block G and waited inside and met few friends.

The first person I met(IIRC) was a classmate of mine. She was the person who sat right in front of me in class. To my surprised, she too took business. Okay.

The second person I met was a good ol' friend of mine which I met since early Sekolah Menengah who happens to take engineering, wishing to take Biotechnology later on. Interesting.

The third person I met was another ol' friend of mine which I've known since primary school, he even contacted me the day before. He too took engineering(which I already know since he told me earlier) thinking of taking Civil Engineering when degree sets in.

I met a few others, but it is too hard to write properly in an anonymous setting(privacy is key on the Internet). But, as I said, most of my classmates took Business. Though, unluckily, I realized I will not see them in class with me as we were set in different groups(I'll explain this later).

At 8.00AM, everyone is required to sign in their names for the morning session(and afternoon too later on). I managed to be second in line, w00t. After that, I went inside the auditorium of block G. I sat together with my two friends who are taking engineering. Fun and enjoyful as I haven't talk much to my friends over the post-SPM break because, well, there is no school for us at that point of time. XP

By around 8.30AM, thee was ice breaking, where everyone in the auditorium are split into 10 groups. I was in group 3. In any event, I have to say, I think there are like nearly 200 students within that auditorium. Very popular, this Swinburne. Heh.

While inside a group, we are required to hold onto a string which is held by the legislator which is connected to another individual. We are then required to ask him or her five details, name, where you come from, favorite color, favorite food and favorite movie star. I, really surprisingly, got a schoolmate, which I never really notice before. Hmm, destiny really likes to play with me most of the times. For her details, I won't say, but she came from another country when she was very young and stayed her until now.

After we found out about each other's details, we are asked to announce it to the rest of the group. To me, this is a very smart and great way of making a better socializing community within this campus, as of course, we do not know most or any person at all within the campus as of yet. Compliments to Swinburne for this really genius activity.

Sit in groups. Yep, lotsa students and potential friends/acquaintances.

Well, after that, there isn't much for me to say, but mostly it is just some slides and details about the institution. This part can be boring or interesting, but mostly can be boring to those who barely care or just felt that it isn't so necessary.

After a bit of slide introductions of the campus, we had tea break at about 9.45AM. I really have to admit, it was really delicious as I did not take breakfast that day(woke up a bit late). They served curry puff, some cake, tea, coffee, orange juice(Though warm) and a few others I don't really know how to describe. Too bad I didn't take a picture as it would be a bit easier to explain. I ate quite a bit as I was really hungry, being deprived of the first meal of the day and all. XD

Next, we get to be introduced to the staff and lecturers(10.30AM). Personally, I was a bit surprised to see them being very young and not like our usual teachers in school. Then again, being a teacher and lecturer are really quite different(from what I've heard).

Then, we have our campus tour(11.00AM). Nothing much really since we went to mostly the outside of the blocks since most of the group didn't or at all request to go deeper inside the campus doors. At any rate, the campus is not that hard to navigate and pretty linear. It wasn't as big as I inititally thought though, but then again, I tend to think over the top.

Carpark on the left. Students use the one on floors 2 and above. It's free currently.

Walking around the campus~ See the building to the left? That's the gym, where we were currently heading to.

The ground floor. Badminton court, basketball court. There's also a shower on the left(one for male and one for female). On the right, there is some more stuff, but I don't really know how to explain to you all. XP

Now, going to the second floor~

The gym. You have to pay RM30 monthly to be able to use these equipment(or the whole gym in fact).

Walking back, I noticed the Chili Peppers shop. As I said before, right behind the cafeteria.

Walking back~ Almost time for lunch... >>

Since there was still much time on the schedule, we went upstairs of block G. Looks like they are sprucing up the Student Info Centre and Finance Centre.

Just took this one for fun. Water fountain~ ^^

Right after the campus tour, it was lunch time(12.00NOON). At first, me and my two friends wanted to relax and chat it up in the auditorium, but it had to be closed for the time being. At that point of time, we learn that some of the people there were pretty funny(they played around with the mic).

We ended up going to Chili Peppers and ordered burgers and a cup of drink each. Nothing too expensive, but they average at RM5(burger + drink). Though, the burger was totally delicious and felt worth it, even if my one came last. XD We then "chat it up" after eating. We talked quite a bit as we have not talked or faced each other for quite a while. Yep.

After the long break, nothing really much happened. We sign back in at around 2.00PM and sat back at the auditorium. We then get a brief introduction of the culture around town(well, this was most beneficial to non Sarawakians mostly) and 2 interesting quizzes.

At 3.00PM, we had to split up because each course is given a different place for a brief lecture about them. Luckily for me, mine was at the auditorium. Seriously, nothing much, but it was interesting to know about the other business career options besides accountacy. Hmm... management(my mother took this last time...).

The whole thing ended for us at around 4.00PM(though those staying in the hostels have to stay for a hostel tour). We were given a "satisfaction form" and give our impressions about the first day of orientation. I didn't have anything that does not satisfy me, so I gave them an overall thumbs up.

I went back soon after and fell asleep very early that day, because my body suddenly felt too tired to go on...

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

nice..heard swinburne has beautiful uni. qualified lecturer & high tech etc..etc..all thumbs up. How da safety over there? Too many foreign students than the local. dun mean 2b racist...blah-blah, %@@@*&^(~v~)2 shallow minded me. Enjoy ur uni..larr.

Anonymous said...

swt.. sch pics..

Anonymous said...

cool...awesome pix. Good info. Keep it up.

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