Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Driving Experience, Part 1?

This is requested by one of my friends, so I'll try to type out an ESSAY on my driving experience, sorry no pictures, since I took none, no scans of my L license or anything even.

So, since last year, I have decided to take my driving lessons AFTER SPM so that could give better concentration during my important examination. It took a while to find the instructor because my father lost the contact number... >_>;

But, through the course of fate or maybe destiny, my father met an old friend on our way back home fetching my sister from school who knew the instructor that my father was looking for. So, sometime around late January, on a Saturday morning(24/1/09), I met the instructor who was my father's colleague in the army before. No, I won't say names, since I'm a very keep others' and my own privacy secure type of person.

On that Saturday morning, he came together with two other girls/students that I didn't really interact much with, since I didn't felt like it. So, I was seriously "blur" and tired that day since I haven't been doing much brain inducing tasks as of late(blame the holiday mood). The driving institute is situationed some at Pending, Kuching near many factories. To be exact, if you take "Jalan Tekad", you can reach the place with a few turns. Err, yeah, I didn't really memorize the exact location of the place, my bad.

The thing I had to do on that Saturday morning was take a color blind test(there was one frickin' annoying one that can be very tricky there) and sit through a 5-hour lecture on driving. I got really tired during the second half because the second person giving the talk was... boring, seriously(the first guy was brilliant though). Luckily there were some interesting videos. After that, I went home. OH, and yes, they provided us with two books, the basic "Panduan Memandu" and a exercise book with 500 questions and answers, which I have to say, not all that correct for some Q&As...

So, after that, I have to take the paper/computer exam. I took the computer exam. This was done just the week after that, on the 1st of February. Yes, 1st of February. I was thinking of doing it the day before, but my gut instincts were telling me, not yet. The test, I really have to say it, was really easy, easier than I thought. But I guess that was all thanks to the exercise book they provided which was spot on(they even said it has the same Q&As). Though, since the exercise books has its flaws, I did not score full(yes, I practically memorized it somehow). I only scored 48/50. My instructor was pretty impressed, but not me, since I wanted a 50/50(no, don't look at me like that).

Anyways, after that, I can finally drive~ not. I have to take another 3-hour lecture(I thought it was 6 at first, but it's only 3, phew) and wait for my L license. No biggie. The instructor sent me for the next lecture on the following Saturday(7/2/09). I hought the lecture was going to be boring. But, it wasn't! OMG. He showed us crash videos, lots of them. The best was when he showed the opening clip of Final Destination 2 where err, how should I say it, deaths occur(if you went to the same school as me during primary school, I know you should've seen it already). What did this lecture tell me? The Avanza is durable and out Malaysian cars sucks during crash collisions(specifically the Waja). Other than the videos, the lecture was rather normal and nearly made me fall asleep... >_>;

So, after that, I had to do my L license picture first or else I can get down to the driving basics. I took a quick not so satisfying passport sized picture later that day and gave it to my instructor on the next day.

I had to wait a few days, then on Wednesday(11/2/09), I think, I was able to go driving! Whoo~... Not really. Since I never really drove before, I had to go through the boring basics, shifting gear(easy) and so on. I have to be truthful here, I did not understand the clutch until a while later. I accelerate too much because of this lack of understanding since I'll mostly do quick shifts and let go of the clutch wrongly. So normally the car would hiccup a little when I'm in gear 1. However, in gear 2 and above, it's pretty much smooth sailing. On the first day, he let me drive to the outside, around the pre-determine route by the institute. Pretty fun, just like I said, hiccups on gear 1... I think I sped too much since I went until 60KM/H. Hehe.

The next lesson was on Friday(13/2/09), I think. We did basically the same thing, but this time we went to all the 3 pre-determine routes. IT went by quickly because I max at 60KM/H. >_>
I have yet to understand the clutch and turning properly though... but it was okay.

There was an almost lesson on the next day. But family troubles came towards the intructor and I had to spend the morning at BDC KFC. It was so long. Sadly, if I knew it would've been long, I should had ordered a full meal instead of just a small KFC burger... I know what the crisis is, but it should be kept secret from the world since it's rather annoying.

The next lessons are sorted out rather nicely on the time-table, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But for the following week, I also went on a Tuesday, but only for on road since the institute course was reserved for the JPJ driving test.

Over the course of the lessons, I learned how to part, go up the hill and understand the clutch better. I accidentally hit one of the poles and it dropped down during parking because I suddenly lost focus, pretty annoying... Hill was fun, but I think my hill skillz are not good for the car to widthstand since I might burnout the flower of the tires since I let the wheels spin while the handbrake is still up(brake). I wonder if I can do a burnout... >_> I also became a bit better with turning lately as I don't need to think/calculate so much when turning the steering wheel, feel a bit more instinctive now. It was rather discouraging when your instructor has to pull/push your steering wheel when you do "bad turns". Gears are easy to understand and use. Shifting up and down is really easy, just listen to the engine and you'll be fine with it.

Hills can be a miss or pass. Sometimes you overshoot, that's fine, just go down a little. Sometimes you premature, sucks. My driving partner liked my hill-braking style since it does not stop suddenly like his at the time(he later kinda fix this problem).

Though, now, the instructor says I'm ready to go for the test, I want to do some "timing adjustments" for myself so that it can be "perfect"(not, perfect perfect but for me to feel satisfied enough for myself).

Well, I'll most probably take the driving test next week, so wish me luck in my driving!
Oh, if by any chance this "essay" is a bit poorly written... It is because I wrote it half-assed late at night when I should be trying to sleep instead. XP


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