Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Driving Experience, Intermission?

So, today I went driving, and decided to take the "Pra-Test". Luckily, I manage to drive a bit first with my instructor's car as a warm up... but, to my dismay, when I went and used the institute provided car, I suddenly lost my touch. I was like "newb-ing" the whole course. Very weird(the person in charge of watching my performance gave quite a number of comments). I guess it was alright in the end, since I'll still be taking the real test next week...

But, I guess it was because the felt totally different to me, yes, even though the instructor's car and the institute's car were Perodua Kancils, the feel of the car was different. The institute's car has an engine rated at 660cc while the instructor's one is at 850cc. Sure, at first I thought more power will be needed for the institute's car... WRONG! It was smooth, it was soft, and the engine was barely audible.

To me, it became a challenge, since I could barely feel any feedback from the car as well as not being able to time myself right because the car was too silent for me(as well as it was like a totally different car to me). Luckily, I'll be able to drive one of these cars again before the true exam, for which will be held on the 17th of this month. To me, I must conquer the car, or else I would waste my parents money, unable to drive AND have to go for the hours of lessons again, which to me, feels like a chore after a while instead of an interest at first, since I got used to my intructor's car, but not the institute's car(as of yet).

To those who say "wha?" to the instructor's car and institute's car thing. Well, the driving institute does not provide the cars to the driving instructors, they have to buy their own(that's why you see different cars at the institute >>). The institute also have its own set of cars, just that the student can only use it during the "Pra-Test" and after for practice before the real exam, bummer.

You'll drive together with a different person during "Pra-Test" which to me gave a tension and made me nervous or some sort, I'm not so sure, I just wasn't able to focus really well today, maybe I just need more sleep... hopefully all will be well in the end. Wish me luck! ^^;


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